Will We Still Hate The Wii in Five Years?

I have a secret to tell: some people didn’t like the Wii. Whether it was the glut of mini-game collections, the less-than-stellar ports, the mediocre hardware power, or the waggle control, plenty of people found a reason to hate Nintendo’s little white box. But time heals all things, or so they say. As we shut the door on the 7th generation of videogames and march onward into the 8th, a lot of the hate toward the Wii will naturally fade with time, and when that occurs, I believe that the Wii will one day be seen as a treasure trove of hidden gems. There are plenty of times in the past when a videogame console became popular long after it left store shelves (see the Saturn, the Gamecube, and the Dreamcast for reference), and despite how much vitriol it has received over the last several years, the Wii may very well be remembered as an underrated gem by the hardcore gaming community. Here’s why:

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Count2499d ago

I don't hate the Wii at all.

knifefight2498d ago

That was my first thought too.

It's not my favorite system ever, but logically, not EVERY single console has to be the best.

It has a good amount of enjoyable games, and I got an early model with GameCube BC so I can enjoy Skies of Arcadia Legends and other good oldies :)

No Wii hate from me.

Ilovetheps52498d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought when I saw the headline. I liked the Wii, even though it was mostly for the exclusives. Skyward Sword was a great entry into the Zelda franchise. Super Smash Bros Brawl was tons of fun. My friends and I still play it to this day. There were quite a few other games that I enjoyed playing, but overall I definitely don't hate it.

Murad2497d ago

I definitely loved Fire Emblem/ Metro, and ton of other titles, including and besides Zelda. There is so much things on the Wii, but sadly, the only disappointing thing about the Wii was that it was NOT IN HD.

Gr812499d ago

The Wii. Classic Console.

KillrateOmega2499d ago

Nah. I have nothing against the Wii.

I have plenty of good memories of playing SSBB with some bros.

jacksonmichael2499d ago

I never hated the Wii... But I'm a fanboy, so my opinion doesn't count.

sherimae24132499d ago

i dont hate the wii or any of nintendo consoles/handhelds
in fact i still own my ds lite and gba advance
and still love it^_^

though i hates SOME of its fans, they are very.... childish..

Murad2497d ago

But that's for every console if you think about it, including the PC. You have people that will continously argue a point regardless of it being valid or not.

sherimae24132497d ago

yes, yes you have a point...
fanboys/girls in general are childish and immature..

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The story is too old to be commented.