The Past, Present and Future of Diablo III

IGN - It's been a year since Diablo III hit stores. We look back on the game, how it's evolved, and talk about what we want from the coming expansion.

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project_pat362499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Us Diablo 3 pc players were just beta testers for the ps3/ps4 versions.. they found out through the community the likes and dislikes of the pc version, and fix the ported version aka (imo) the true version. if they can add all this shit to the console versions like, offline play, dodge hotkey, no rmah, and intensely updated graphics (just look at the belial gameplay on ps3 compaired to the pc's top down rendering, then they should be able to fix the fail of a pc game they dub diablo 3

I love diablo 3 but im not dishing out $60 more for a failing franchise.

As for an expansion. I wont hold my breath.. Life is too beautiful.

Bakkies2499d ago

At the moment, the idea of farming act 3 for hours, identifying all the rares and asking myself "will this sell?" thousands of times just tires me out.

There's just so many good games coming out so frequently, that it becomes difficult to stay in a abusive relationship and hope things will change. It has been over a year. It's me, not you. Adios.

MooseWI2499d ago

Everyone farms Act 1 now lol.

adorie2499d ago

No more A3? Haha. Hmm.. Maybe I should reinstall and give it a try..... Nahhh. I'm better off continuing my play of Battle of Olympus.

Bakkies2499d ago

Interesting... People farmed act 1 before they nerfed Inferno, guess it went full circle.