Bethesda’s Pete Hines says that Xbox One and Ps4 are ''Very Closely Aligned''

Bethesda's Pete Hines suggests there's little difference between both the PS4 and the Xbox One, making for easier development.

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okmrman3472d ago

thank you :)
im getting both

haters gonna hate

Bigpappy3472d ago

This is very bad news for some here. But for those of us who just want a good console to have some fun with, this is the best possible out come. Hopefully Lens of Truth will find something different to do next gen.

adorie3472d ago

Lol. Bethesda. I'm going to let the first party games do the talking.

zebramocha3472d ago

This Pete Hines guy is talking about the specs being aligned and not performance.

Cupid_Viper_33472d ago

"Bethesda’s Pete Hines says that Xbox One and Ps4 are ''Very Closely Aligned''."

mmhm ok? Sounds like he has them sitting right next to each other at the office, thus "Very Closely Aligned".

GamersRulz3472d ago

What bethesda meant is developing games and porting them is easy on both. they said that PS4 is capable of better graphics.

Read the article

Utalkin2me3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Yeah we seen what they did with the ports this gen. Thats why i did not buy skyrim and will not be buying future products from them.

r1sh123472d ago

they are closely aligned because they are both sharing x86 architecture, similar graphics cards.

Literally the significant difference is in the RAM - i just wonder how big the difference is.

its_JEFF3472d ago

I totally agree that some would be sad at this news, but I also think that some are jumping to conclusions here. What exactly do they mean by "closely aligned" and how it's gonna make it easier for developers?

It almost seems like he's referring to the fact that their both using AMD chips, Unified memory but more importantly they're both built on x86.

Look at the 360/PS3 generation, they were essentially same in terms of raw power. Did that help multiplatform devs? No, they had vastly different architectures. That made it horribly hard to port code from one platform to the other.

shoddy3472d ago

Not close behind enough

GameNameFame3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Its same CPU, but faster clock rate.

Its same GPU, but more cores which result in 50 percent more power.

and there is ram.

Its just that PS4 has same stuff, but more or better version.

TheSurg3472d ago


Oh so you buy a console for this one single player game that you will finish in 8 hours and then will go on n4g and write for the next 3 years how cool graphics it got while you have nothing else to play when waiting for next release?

3rd party IS most important. I will get the console that run those better, or that will have cooler features for it (most of you will disagree since you never tried it, but I loved kinect support in Skyrim, made the game much more enjoyable for me)

fr0sty3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

The "closely aligned" statement refers to the fact that both pretty much use the same CPU. The GPU is where the difference lies, with the PS4's GPU having 18 compute units compared to Xbone's 12, and 1280 stream processors compared to Xbone's 768. 4 of PS4's CU's are also general purpose compute units, meaning they can aid the CPU giving PS4 a CPU advantage as well (the GPU also has a bus directly to the CPU to facilitate this computing advantage). Also, just because those 4 compute units are made to be able to aid the CPU doesn't mean they cannot aid in graphics. Battlefield 3, for instance, used compute shaders for some of it's lighting calculations.

It's widely accepted that PS4's GPU is about 50% more powerful, while it's ram has about 250% more bandwidth than Xbone's DDR3. Toss in a less intrusive OS (Xbone reserves 10% of the GPU, 2 CPU cores, and 3GB of RAM for it's OS), and you have a significantly more powerful system.

The two are built from similar parts, however, and that makes them very "closely aligned" when it comes to porting games from one to the other. Make a few tweaks so that Xbone's inferior hardware can handle the game, and you can pretty much run the same code on both systems. This wasn't the case this generation, the code for both systems was radically different. 360 was able to just toss it's code at 3 symmetrical cores and leave it at that. PS3 required the dev to go in and chop the code up into little tasks that each of the SPUs could chew away at. This led to more CPU processing power, but took a hell of a lot more time to get that power out of the chip.

Godmars2903472d ago

Don't forget you're talking about a rep from a game company which has repeatedly underdeveloped one version of their games. All he's likely really saying is that both systems are so similar you wont notice differences in their multiplatform titles or at least PC to console ports.

Not that they'd do something like make an exclusive title exploiting what that system can do.

DragonKnight3472d ago

Assuming that he's right, Bethesda are the last developers that should be talking about development. Create a game that isn't riddled with bugs, then talk about development. Hell, the Skyrim modders have more talent than the entire Bethesda programming staff combined.

Aghashie3472d ago

@ the guy who wrote this

"Oh so you buy a console for this one single player game that you will finish in 8 hours and then will go on n4g and write for the next 3 years how cool graphics it got while you have nothing else to play when waiting for next release?"

I actually went to my room and compare how many exclusives I have vs how many multiplatform. As expected, I own more multi games. However if I have to choose to stick w only one group, I rather keep the exclusives.

Why? Answer is simple. Better quality overall.

To keep things fair, I will name a few multi games that I would hate to guive up.

Dark Souls
Metal Gear

Beyond this point, I rather stick to exclusives.

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AllroundGamer3472d ago

one for spying one for playing? :)

nypifisel3472d ago

What are you talking about? Architecturally we've always known them to be quite similar? The PS4 do have the better preforming hardware though. This isn't really news.

Sexius Maximus3472d ago

For all the fanboys that want their console of choice to smash the competition, that's a bad view. Healthy competition is the VERY best thing for any industry. I hope Ninty, MS and Sony all do fantastic this gen. All three consoles are unique to one another, and the success of all improves the quality of gaming for us gamers.

zebramocha3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

How is xbone resources being sucked upped by tv functionality healthy Competition? And there is a sizable gulf in performance between xbone & ps4,meaning Sony could have in game features not easily done on the xbone.

pompombrum3472d ago

Healthy competition is great for the industry but there is nothing healthy about Online checks, DRM, Spy cams and resource hogging gimmicks.

I'd love nothing more for Microsoft to do a 180 and provide the system many Xbox 360 owners want but with their current policies, I hope they fall flat on their asses and are forced to re-evaluate their strategy.

Crazy Larry3472d ago

Thats the fanboy attitude I'm sure he's talking about. IF XB1 was identical in specs (or even superior) to PS4, you'd still find something to hate about it. Why would you want them to be identical anyway? Or what do you benefit if any of them fail? Your fanboy mind is so blind. You hate it, that's fine, don't buy it. But I am very happy that all three consoles are taking different approaches to next gen. It adds variety and builds the industry.

zebramocha3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

@Larry I wouldn't care if xbone had better or equal spec to the ps4, you can check my comment history,I just don't think xbone and ps4 are competing with one another.

fr0sty3472d ago

The Xbox One (in it's currently advertised form) needs to fail to send the message that we gamers will not tolerate a company forcing DRM on us. It sets a terrible standard that hurts the consumer when people show a company that they are willing to buy a device that restricts used game sales, requires a net connection at least once per day, requires a camera to always be listening to you, etc.

If one company sells 100 million consoles that do that, you can bet more will follow. If we take a stand and vote with our wallets, you can bet fewer will follow in their footsteps.

MoonConquistador3472d ago

Healthy competition is good for the industry, but you have to question how healthy the competition provided by MS is in this argument.

Having more money to buy exclusive timed DLC or charging subscription fees to pay for the online portion of the £50 game you just bought are not good for the business.

They did bring achievements, but for what they have brought to the gaming industry, I'd rather they hadn't bothered.

I'm all for another company coming in to keep Sony and Nintendo on their toes, but for the love of god at least have some passion for the industry rather than seeing every chance to nickel and dime the people who invested in your system

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FlyGuyHung3472d ago

I'm with you on this. Getting both like i always have as well. I dont care what anyone says XboxOne is bound to have games I as 'gamer' cant resist.

TXIDarkAvenger3472d ago

Yeah guys, disagree with this man because he is getting both consoles. Booo! /s

stuna13472d ago

The money really flowing now!

Hate is such a ugly word! Maybe we should start using dispise, because how should anyone swallow what Microsoft is spoon feeding people? Clear up the misinformation, then maybe things would be easier to digest.

We already know the diehard are going to buy the Xbone, and they'll say it's the best experience they've ever had knowing deep down inside that they're fooling themselves.

As for Bethesda we've already seen their handywork, to me their words mean little.

AO1JMM3472d ago

82 fanboys disagree with you.

I do not of course. I will own both when There are games I am interested in.

AngelicIceDiamond3472d ago

Similar they are the better for the developers.

FamilyGuy3472d ago

Read before posting people, lol.

I think it's great that porting will be pretty much seamless now. PC, X1 ans PS4 games will release faster, meaning more games with less bugs compared to this generation.

It's awesome news, all that boasting Sony's been doing about making it easier for devs has real truth to it.

DeadlyFire3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

CPU wise this is true. Which is where most developers utilize power. GPU code mostly just runs the API that lies on top of it. XB1, and PS4 have custom APIs going a little further of coding directly onto the hardware. They are well suited for taking on the base APIs of DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4 as well though. :)

GPU side of things PS4 has a clear advantage. RAM speed helps as well.

Sony have given developers a choice of great looking multiplatform games same as what's on XB1 at 60 fps or better looking games at 30fps all in 1080p.

Xbox One likely will all be 1080 30 fps and 720 60 fps.

malokevi3472d ago

Right on, OKM, me too. Hater, indeed, are gonna hate.

JsonHenry3472d ago

Aligned and similar in capablities are not the same thing. They both use an 8core AMD CPU/GPU combo. They both have 8gigs of RAM. They both have HDDs. So yes, they are 'aligned'. And even though the PS4 is 0.5x more powerful (on paper) than the X1 I think the difference will start to show sooner rather than later this gen as to which one is more powerful based on architecture design of how the hardware is put together.

hiredhelp3472d ago

Wake me up when MS Do Exclusives the way sony does.

showtimefolks3472d ago

i guess what he means is specs wise they are similar so both will be easy to develop for

there is absolutely no way sony will have a DRM,Or used game fee for ps4 yes no way. After all the positive media attention sony got and will get if MS keeps thise things why would you hurt your future

H3ADWOUND813471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Your funeral pal.... Ps4 is a good Move & xbone could be quite a costly mistake.. There's not one thing microsoft managed to raise excitement levels about, Big thumbs down.. If I wanted to watch tv I'd do it on one of the other 4 tv's in the house, not on my GAMES CONSOLE...

InTheZoneAC3471d ago

what has the xbox one shown that already has you convinced to buy one?

no one is hating, it's like a girl getting slapped and abused and keeps coming back.

Help us to help you, maybe we can be more understanding...

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DaThreats3472d ago

He is not talking about the power of the systems, just the system itself.

SuperLupe3472d ago

Who cares man, PS3 was supposed to trump the 360 in power ... we all know how that turned out. I dont believe a single second that this gen will be any different.

You'll get the odd Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 graphic powerhouse, you know that one every 1 or 2 years game that really stands out graphically but thats about it.

The gap between XOne and PS4 graphically speaking is going to be as big or should I say small as this gen.

KUV19773472d ago

I think a GPU that is 50% faster begs to differ. With the same archtitecture the faster Platform should easily shine with better framerate, more particles, better AA, higher draw-distance without the need for crazy optimization from devs. It will be like two PCS, one running the game with better settings than the other. The difference shouldn't be mind-blowing but it should be obvious. If there should be multi-platform-titles that run worse on the PS4 then there will be something really wrong with the devs. Also there are 2 GB more RAM available to Devs on PS4 further supporting higher-quality-settings on PS4.

The only thing that I really like about X-Box so far are the Impulse-Triggers. More varied rumble is probably great. Not enough reason for me to buy one though. PS4 on the other hand is a sure thing.

Utalkin2me3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )


Steve is that you???

humbleopinion3472d ago

PS3 was not supposed to trump the 360 in power - it was weaker from day one and only the sheep fanboys thought otherwise because the bought into "power of the cell" marketing hype, which was basically covering up for one of the weak points of the architecture.

Microsoft can probably do that same this time around, going for stuff like "power of the move data engine" or "super fast ESRAM", or perhaps pursue the "5 billion transistors marketing crap" not to mention "power of the cloud". But this time around people will be less likely to fall for that (Some probably learned their lesson, and there's a slight chance some Xbox fanboys are not as blind as their PS3 counterparts)

Hercules1893472d ago

The 360 actually had a better graphics card, but they still looked about the same graphics wise, they both had pros and cons, as long as you have devs that know how to use the system it wont be too noticeable. the games will NOT look 50% better on ps4, i will promise you that.

malokevi3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Who cares man, PS3 was supposed to trump the 360 in power ... we all know how that turned out. I dont believe a single second that this gen will be any different.

Exactly. I remember with crystal clarity, at the beggining of the last gen, when people on the internet droned on and on about how much more powerful the Cell processor would be than the Xbox360.

Trumpeting the phrase 50% more powerful GPU does no service. People who say this clearly have no idea how complex the issue really is, and rely instead on half-baked articles from people who are comparing raw specs as they are currently understood.

Which they are not fully understood. For either console.

In the end, it didn't make any noticeable difference. Anyone who thinks things will play out differently this time are fooling themselves once again, or are too young to remember the last time around.

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brave27heart3472d ago

So Bethesda, whats going to be your excuse for shoddy ports and missed dlc now then?

windblowsagain3472d ago

He is not talking about power.

He is talking about cpu/gpu more like a

a_bro3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

it was obvious from the start that 3rd party companies are going to look at both consoles as equals.. they will always target towards the lowest commmon denominator, and thats ok. both machines have a similar architecture, one wont look inferior to the other.

Edit: @minato, well, as i said...THIRD PARTIES, lol....

First party companies will show the true difference in power, as always.

Minato-Namikaze3472d ago

Naughty dog and guerilla games will show you otherwise

Software_Lover3472d ago

That is what he said, right?

Hercules1893472d ago

and epic,crytek,remedy and 343 will show you that there really isnt much of a difference in power between these consoles.

El Nino3472d ago

They are similar, in the fact they share the same architecture. You know what else is similar, apes and humans, they share like 98 percent DNA, but there a little different too. My PC is similar to another PC, it just might have a lesser graphics card or CPU but the development process is near identical.

MoonConquistador3472d ago

LOL, 7 disagrees to El Nino's comment. Can any one of you tell us what part you disagreed with or what part was untrue?