The Last Of Us' Special Editions - A Significant Step Up From Traditional Special Editions

What makes the Last Of Us' special editions unique? Let tell you how.

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Mr_Nuts2506d ago

Hardly, that is if were talking about the UK's special editions. I just can't believe ND couldn't be arsed to give us the Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition, instead they give us two separate smaller editions. Why not just us a Joel AND Ellie edition so we wouldn't have to choose between the two. Not too mention we get a smaller comic book and a smaller artbook. I mean what's up with that, could you not give us a normal sized comic and artbook. Then over a statue we get a LittleBigPlanet costume and a controller skin...yeah thats right a controller skin, who the hell even uses them anyway, talk about old fashioned.

By the way i think your totally forgetting the massive steelbook collectors out there. Steelbooks are better then canvas wraps. Canvas wraps are nice if they included steelbooks aswell but people would rather have a steelbook then one of those.

BluEx6102506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

These special editions kick ass. The full size Art Book alone costs $39.99 MSRP. 170 Pages of goodness, and a comic to go along. I do dislike that there's 2 editions in the UK, like Joel and Ellie edition. And that the UK have smaller editions of the art book and comic. But they do get a little more from controller skins, poster, canvas cover and avatars in LBP2. Also pre-ordering the season pass gives you bonus content too, that I thought should've been added to the survival edition.

I dropped $80 for the survival edition and probably going to drop $20 on the season pass. I rarely do that, but these special editions was more than just a steel book and bonus DLC, so it justified my purchase. Can't wait!!

omi25p2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Sony have slowly killed all my excitement for this game. I've got it on preorder and i know il love it.

Just every Sony has done to market it has slowly ruined it for me by not selling collectors editions in the UK and other things.

Crazyglues2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

@ Mr_Nuts

Love your avatar picture... LoL

-but yeah I agree with you, I would have loved a steel-book case, I think the problem is much thought doesn't really go into these things, but that being said I just went with the reg. version.

I mean most of the time these special editions just collect dust anyway so no big deal.

-And I will be enjoying this game when it drops, can't wait to play the demo..

||.........___||............ ||

Wagz222506d ago

Got my post pandemic preordered! I can't wait!

Wagz222506d ago

@disagrees, sorry for being excited...I guess?

pompombrum2506d ago

Xbox fanboys being grumpy probably, can't say I blame them.

Bathyj2506d ago

Last of Us is A Significant Step Up From Traditional Games

SOULJER2506d ago

I,m sticking to the steel case.

Eyesoftheraven2506d ago

The Last of Us — a significant step up from everything else.

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