More Sonic Unleashed screens

The recently trademarked, "Sonic Unleashed," has been revealed. Word is that a group of forum posters uncovered a bunch of unreleased media relating to the title on Sega's FTP site.

Judging from the screenshots alone, which were taken at 720p, the title is a prime candidate for a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release. While official details are non-existent at this point, have reason to believe that Unleashed will retain the gameplay mechanics of classic Sonic titles with a combination of 2D and 3D graphics, aka 2.5D. Think Sonic Rivals, only without the racing sequences.

SEGA has yet to comment on the validity of the screenshots.

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TriggerHappy3863d ago

Man, if this is all true, then this is a huge leak.

Breakfast3863d ago

Again if this is true...i really like the art direction. It looks so colorful and vibrant...hopefully the gameplay is fun. I havent played a sonic game in 10 years, hopefully ill give this one a go.

decapitator3863d ago

I bet this is a post by TnS. It looks so clean...:)..Great find man.

TnS3863d ago

Thanks. :)

I attached all the new images from, but found even more on

games4fun3863d ago

officially hyped, those are great screens and they look like a lot of fun especially the part where sonic is in the desert running and puts out his hand around the bend thats a good idea

i think these are genuine for two reasons

1. Who would fake sonic game screenshots? that is one big loser imo
2. The sheer ammount of the screenshots is enough imo if you fake screenshots nobody is gonna make that many faked screenshots imo

@TNS nice find bubbles

CAPS LOCK3863d ago

These shots look incredible...wonder what the folks at sega been doing...

GUNS N SWORDS3863d ago

they definitely have been doing there home work it looks good.

the depth of field really brings out the bloom and saturation in the graphics.

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