3 Ways Next-Gen Consoles Willl Revolutionize Call of Duty

Just in case you haven’t heard yet.. Yes Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on the next generation of consoles.

So that means Infinity Ward (the developers of Ghosts) will have access to a range of new features to play with to completely evolve the Call of Duty series.

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Arai2499d ago

Consoles won't "revolutionize" CollarofDuty, that task is up to the game's creators.

KillrateOmega2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

It's the devs who are responsible for providing innovation in a series.

The console can only give them the tools. The devs are the ones who have to use them.

ltachiUchiha2498d ago

Its the devs that do these things not the hardware. Having better hardware is just a plus for devs.

NameRemoved00172498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Crysis 1 with mods still looking better than next gen consoles. Sad.

saint_seya2498d ago

Crisis 1 with mods still boring game. Sad. (fixed 4 u)

humbleopinion2498d ago

Actually... I suddenly noticed how Crysis 1 WITH MODs suddenly doesn't even look appealing anymore (This is after just recently playing Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light). Many years have passed since 2007 I guess.

Some texture work and foliage stuff still looks neat, but after getting used to newer game engines with proper lighting models Crysis 1 suddenly looks very bland. Especially the interior scenes, but outside scenes also look to sterile.

NameRemoved00172498d ago

If anything it will look identical on the consoles and slightly better on PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.