Microsoft vows to support indie developers on Xbox One

A report last week that the next Xbox console won't allow independent game developers to self-publish on the Xbox One gave people yet another next-gen Xbox thing to stew about. But Microsoft's Xbox chief says that Xbox One will have some sort of indie-friendly program....

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a_bro2496d ago

Well they're off to a bad start since they're killing the Indie tab of the store

Why o why2496d ago

I thought they were just moving it not getting rid of it

Daz2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

WHy o why

I thought that to, i think people just jump on the hate train to quick before getting real facts.
Even some employees of Microsoft are getting confused :P

darthv722496d ago

the indie games into the overall games section for the xbox one.

Not sure if that will be for the 360 as well. right now, there is still the indie games section.

CRAIG6672496d ago

They are actually integrating into the main games section so they won't be hidden away in some obscure corner of the o/s dashboard, they will be right along side full priced AAA games- much better IMO

InTheLab2496d ago

Hell, games in general are buried on the 3rd tab somewhere after whatever home and social are....and I can't see that changing for the Xbone dash.

IronFistChinMi2496d ago

Come on now. Buried? 2 clicks of the RB button and you're at the Game section. The game in your disc tray is on the home screen, you also have Pins on the home screen.

InTheLab2496d ago

Shouldn't Home be the games section though? And I have a ton of things what's in the tray is not what I'm currently playing.

aviator1892496d ago

Or maybe it occurred to microsoft that not a good number of people bother with the indies section, so they decided to funnel all types of games into one general 'games' section so as to make no discrimination.

Honestly, I believe that's a good move.

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BlueDodger3232496d ago ShowReplies(3)
HyperBear2496d ago

"Microsoft vows to support indie developers on Xbox One"...

Okay Microsoft, Prove it!

Gamer-Z2496d ago

Why does it need to be a program? Just allow them to self publish.

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The story is too old to be commented.