Xbox One Tv: Why

Ed Prosser looks at the TV capabilities of the Xbox One and explains why he thinks they have such prominence in the new console.

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FrigidDARKNESS2496d ago

Sony is doing the exact same thing with tv no one wants to say a word about that. Aipple and Google have huge plans also so i applaud MS for doing this.

Maddens Raiders2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


"However, the really worrying part of Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One is that the ultimate multimedia device in the evolving games and media market, the real winner of the one box to rule them all, is really the Smart TV, and they’re already available.

Microsoft seems to be committed to a vision of the living room where the TV as a device really is just a screen, but we’ve already moved past that."

"The TV capabilities of the Xbox One are interesting, they seem useful, but not integral, and hardcore need to have faith and wait for E3 to see what Microsoft can present to them to reassure them that their favourite games will still be present and correct on the Xbox One."

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I have no idea how you conflate some of this stuff w/ your Nemesis Sony, but I reckon one day, you'll stop talking out of your arse and being a total a$$ hat. Until then I'll keep tossing these your way my friend...

tell me again please... what is it that your actually applauding MS for?

SpinalRemains2496d ago

The direct deposit they give to him of course!

No one, but a paid shill could possibly embrace all this garbage. No one. Not even angry Joe, and he loves xbox.

This new ms machine and its policies are sperataing the wheat from the chaff. Very easy to spot who supports their owm best interest and who's blindly devoted.

BABYLEG2496d ago

To purchase a smart tv would be a waste. The interface is slow and clunky. The one is better equipped with all the services already. That's one area where everyone else is lacking dearly.. While Microsoft thrives off having the one ecosystem with everything in it