Sony PR: PS4 No DRM Campaign 'Working Pretty Well'

GR said, "We chronicled many of the workers’ Tweets that showed just how humbled the company has been by the thousands of statements pouring in, and even more evidence has come in showing that the movement is working."

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NeverEnding19892505d ago ShowReplies(11)
Majin-vegeta2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

They're listening and didn't shut down the comment section.Unlike another company.Sony knows how important gamers are to them.Come on guys keep tweeting.

@Below exactly just wish instead of everyone fighting each other.We would come together and fight these corporations.

jc485732505d ago

gamers are like a family, don't tear them apart.

darthv722504d ago

They also know how much $$$ there is to be made so i'm sure they are trying to remain objective in this matter. See how it plays out before doing anything themselves that would make/break their companies future.

Game4life2504d ago

I've been with playstation for about a decade and I don't regret it at all.

rainslacker2504d ago

They know the potential money that could be made. What they don't know is the potential money that could be lost. All of it is a risk, even for MS, and the publishers, and they all know this.

If they had concrete reason to believe that this plan would be successful they would just confirm it's true and roll with it, and the rest of us be damned. The only reason they wouldn't in this scenario is if they cared about their customers enough not to rip them off, and I haven't seen a lot of that today from some publishers.

JoGam2504d ago

Gamers are like families and just like in every family there's a guy who's always talking shit or starting trouble. We gamers call them trolls. Lol

SilentNegotiator2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Never take sides against the family.

omi25p2504d ago

Gamers are like a family?

No Gamers are a bunch of self entitled whiny girls.

If a character looks different they complain, form petitions and Abuse developers.

They argue about which piece of plastic that both do the same thing is better or worse.

They get people fired from a dream job because of a joke to a friend on twitter.

They act as if they are the be all and end all of gaming and anyone else who does it are stupid and taking away they're hobby.

Gaming isn't really a community, Its just a bunch of argumentative crying hypocritical fools.

fr0sty2504d ago

Sony is likely under a lot of pressure from developers like EA to implement some sort of DRM scheme on their console. I imagine that due to this campaign, there are some high level meetings going on between Sony reps and reps of EA, Activision, Ubi, etc. right now. I imagine Sony is trying to walk the fine line that keeps these developers still wanting to release their content on PS4 (it would be a catastrophic loss for them to go exclusive on Xbox One) while keeping the gaming public happy. The important part is, they actually give a damn about keeping the gaming public happy.

It's a complicated situation for them, I'm sure.

sikbeta2504d ago

Really guys? you really think they'll change the plans just because of some guys on twitter?

What IF they do and XO with all DRM and online check every once in a while STILL is more succesful and sell more than the PS4? they're going to backpedal and alow it or simply lose all third party software?

ziggurcat2504d ago

@ jc48573:

"gamers are like a family, don't tear them apart."

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SHORYUKEN2504d ago

Playstation is still the best.

I have supporting them from the beginning.

Go Sony keep up the good work for us gamers.

2504d ago
coolvibu932495d ago

Have you seen the comment on Ms? The majority are rude and disrespectful, and a good part are just trolls. It's not as bad against Sony. Plus, Microsoft said they were listening to fans so.

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jimbobbeers2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

They are business, like all businesses they want to make money, and believe it or not we're the minority.

DragonKnight2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Implying that they can't make money by not using DRM. There's this insane idea that, you know, people will support companies that listen to them. Publisher may not like used games, but guess what, plenty of gamers do. If one console blocks them, and another doesn't (removing the Wii U from the equation because, let's face it, it's just been washed away by the tidal wave this week), which console do you think gamers are more likely to support. The one WITH DRM or the one WITHOUT DRM.

That translates to a loss of NEW game sales for the console that supports the DRM, and that's FAR worse than allowing used games to have their place.

jimbobbeers2504d ago

Nope, I'm saying they can't live without the likes of EA, who have forced this on the platform holders, it won't be different for two consoles, Nintendo an exception... However EA aren't too keen on releasing any games for the WiiU are they?

DragonKnight2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Yes they can. Please, you think EA can make money by themselves? EA can chest beat all they want to. It won't mean a damn thing if people move away from the consoles with DRM to anything that doesn't have it.

@joeorc below: I understand the point you're trying to make there, but I think jimbobbeers means that the casuals outnumber us, because they do. EA used them to justify always-online thanks to them buying SimCity, and they also used them to justify microtransactions. It sucks, but we are outnumbered. That said, we're also the foundation and early adopters so we kinda matter more if these companies want a success they can build on.

jimbobbeers2504d ago

Don't you think Microsoft would have been just as bullish? I just feel all sides would have already made an agreement, and what's done is done. I hope you're right, as it'll make my choice next gen a lot easier.

Thank you for defending my case with regards to what joeorc said, that's exactly where I was coming from.

joeorc2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

"They are business, like all businesses they want to make money, and believe it or not we're the minority."

of all the..OMG were the minority?

How does that even make a lick of [email protected] sense? Tell me how we Gamer's are the Minority? Game consoles are made for ..get this sparky..Gamer's! shocking , right?

So how is Gamers are a Minority group for a game console?


The PS3 was played 2nd fiddle to 3rd party's mainly by the large (3) 3rd party publisher's all this generation, so what's one more generation?. Call of duty DLC hits Microsoft's new box first before it hits playstation 4, Fallout DLC content hit xbox360 first before it hit PS3,gta dlc ALSO HIT THE XBOX360 BEFORE IT HIT THE ps3.

So you really think these 3rd party can push Sony in adopting a practice of DRM when Microsoft gets all DLC first anyway? i doubt it, that DLC is worth Million's.

The 3RD party developer's need Sony just as much as Sony needs them my friend, and Since Microsoft is geting the priority treatment by publisher's again you really think they could push Sony further when they are not getting DLC day and date with the xboxone? Doubt it .

I keep seeing that 3rd party would push Sony to do it, but what would Sony get in return, why do it if Microsoft is getting priority with DLC?

they can wait for the game to come after, because that is just what they did with the PS3!

infamous-butcher2504d ago

didnt Microsoft buy the timed exclusiveness of the dlc rather than the devs giving it to them.

joeorc2504d ago

"didnt Microsoft buy the timed exclusiveness of the dlc rather than the devs giving it to them. "

that's the thing we do not know what the deal is, remember the DLC for GTA was reported @50 million, and it lasted how long? a year? that's the Thing the cost of doing thing's has gone up but the point is if it goes up for publisher's it will go up for every publisher, thus it becomes a point is if you push too far you may end up loosing your Hat. tread careful how much you try to push.

The fact that if your publisher want to sell software you want to "sell" it that is the key, you do not want to let it sit out unless your resources is spread too thin..

as a matter of fact EA stated they pan to reduce the number of packaged media and invest more into Mobile software.

rainslacker2504d ago

The hardcore gamer is a minority, but the number of people against all this is huge. We aren't a small group, and even with a huge casual/moderate base which outnumber us, our numbers are enough to make them have to consider us as well.

If you pick up an extra 100K casuals, but lose half a million hardcore, then they've achieved nothing.

The trend of last gen was to bring more people into gaming. You can't do that if you're pushing a large number of them out.

Pug2504d ago

A lot of these $$$ comments are working of the assumption that putting in DRM will financially boost publishers etc..

Step back and look at the PC for a moment which effectively has DRM in most of its games one way or another and is that really working for publishers? Torrent sites are max'd out with EA games and people ripping there software.

I suspect all DRM does is promote more piracy, who has the numbers to actually backup the case for DRM = more $$$ ? What platform has this ever worked on, certainly it hasn't worked on the PC, why would it work on the Xbone considering that's all but a PC...

stage882504d ago

This is why I like Sony, they listen.

BlueDodger3232504d ago

Playstation gamer till i'm 20!

DoomeDx2504d ago

So when your 21 your no longer a playstation gamer?

BlueDodger3232504d ago

Actually 19*. Military. I'm going to focus on my life but until then ill enjoy the ps4 for about half a year!

2504d ago
PFirefly2504d ago

I too took a couple years off from gaming in my early 20's. Then I came to my senses ;)

30's now, and find no difficulty balancing gaming with my work and social life. All that really changed is no more marathon sessions.

Minato-Namikaze2504d ago

Find a GF who plays games, have some kids who also play games and you got yourself a raiding party on some RPG's. I fully intend to instill the art of game playing in my kids so that i can make this scenario come true, lol

ShoryuSwordsman2504d ago


My wife and I are hardcore gamers, been together 6 years(just got married last year) Daughter just turned 1 and she knows how to properly hold and use a ps3 controller lol, though she can't make heads or tails of the functions lol. Got another baby due in November, I'm on the fast track to creating my own mini-army of fighting game pros :)

Campy da Camper2504d ago

Ha. I turn 40 on last of us release day. You can never leave the family. You will try but you will be back. They always are muwahahaha...

Jazz41082504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Im 42 now and stil game after work and on weekends. Gamers come in all diffrent ages and walks ok life. I think we should also be campainging to ms about this as if they are gettiing pressure to use drm then so is Sony. I think if we can stop one we will stop both or it would be suicide for one to do it and not the other. Anyways both ms and sony had planned drm which is obvious so now is the time to hit them both.

famoussasjohn2504d ago

BlueDodger323 - Not sure why people do disagreeing even after your statements of being in the service.

Thank you for your service!

SonyWarrior2504d ago

that's the dumbest thing i've heard.. focus on your life? okay.. well i got my bachelor's degree and a job making 80k a year all well playing games... Cant wait for ps4 and guess what ill still have a life.

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