Review: FUSE (New Gamer Nation)

Insomniac Games has just released their first game after leaving the loving embrace of Sony back in 2010. It has been in the works for quite some time and even changed names in the process. Ultimately, gamers are left with a game that fails to resonate with the audience it intends to. That doesn’t mean that FUSE is not a good game, in fact from a technical stand-point, the game is a very competent third-person shooter with strong co-op elements. The game also has a few awesome weapons that you’d likely see in a Ratchet and Clank game. Unfortunately, FUSE doesn’t capture the charm that Insomniac is known for. The characters just don’t do enough to make this game stand out in any meaningful way.

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jc485732496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Binary Domain should be a good and cheaper alternative.

SOULJER2496d ago

Binary Domain that game was straight. Fuse has a fruityness to it. Sad so sad.

Reibooi2496d ago

This is sad to me for a few reasons. Firstly I honestly do think this game would have been better if it was still Overstrike. Yes we saw no gameplay but the tone of the original Overstrike trailer clearly made it look like it was basically Ratchet and Clank for adults. It had that funny tone and humor and crazy abilities and guns and genuinely looked interesting. EA must have stuck their nose in it because I doubt Insomniac would have changed the game like this unless they were being pressured to do so.

But the really sad thing about this and I don't know if everyone remembers this is that the reason Insomniac signed with EA in the first place was so they could keep the IP of whatever they made. Well now they have a IP to a game that no one will likely want a sequel to and that basically leaves them back at square one. Maybe someday we will get to see what Overstrike would have been but it's a shame we have this for now.