What They Must Think of Us?

As gamers, we hold some of the craziest hours of any other "normal" person. We also tend not to notice the effect our lifestyles have on other people. The questions is..... Should we care?

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KillrateOmega2500d ago

Yeah. I've run into to people who think oddly of me and my heavy gaming lifestyle. I've learned just to ignore them. They're more than likely someone I probably just wouldn't get along with.

On the other hand, I've learned to moderate my own behavior a bit. Keep it in check. By that, I mean that try to keep from using heavier gaming terminology out loud and reserve the brunt of it to typed responses to fellow gamers.

Also, when I'm gaming with my more casual gamer friends, I have to remember to hold my tongue about certain things because I know that they just wouldn't understand. For example, my friends who are all up on CoD's junk and thinks it's the undisputed best game in history.

ltachiUchiha2499d ago

The rock says, "It Doesnt Matter What They Think Of Us You Jabroni".

Saryk2499d ago

I've gotten more people hooked on gaming in my area than dealers have with cocaine!

They tell me how can I sit there for hours. That's when I hit them with the OLD "Have a sit here and give it a try"!

Then they are hooked!

Jayjayff2499d ago

I've been gaming my whole life, and if I am to look for a time where my gaming habits have been look down upon is those girls who will always think. "Video games are a guy thing"

Everyone else plays video game, but then again, I don't use terms that people wouldn't understand because... they wouldn't..understand. So maybe I don't present myself as more video game oriented person, however me beating everyone in all of the games should give them the clue.

ironwolf2499d ago

"Yes, dear fellow gamers, it looks as though our days of being stereotyped as the pimple-faced, socially inept undesirables having no social skills with the opposite sex are coming to a close. Or, so we can only hope."

Nope, not this century.

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