What Developers Are Saying About Xbox One

GI writes " You know what we think about the Xbox One, but what about the creative minds that may or may not eventually develop for Microsoft's nascent platform? We asked several developers, from creative director's on triple-A blockbusters to independent designers working on their own about their hopes and reservations. This is what they have to say."

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jc485732496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

they need to ask more developers. The more I look at that picture, the more I get annoyed by its bulkiness that resembles that of a VCR. like who the hell designed that cause he or she needs to get fired. About the only model I ever found the xbox to be aesthetically appealing is the latest 360 S. I bet you can store a bunch of crack inside that xboxone console.

Edit: I always thought that electronics would become more efficient and smaller, but hell, we still live in the caves.

Maddens Raiders2496d ago

Not a lot of good to be heard from the devs except for the notorious cheerleaders... this isn't good. The devs, especially the indie devs sound like they were hoping for a more of a focus on games and ... well games.

And yes, I agree, the XBOXONE is not an aesthetically pleasing machine, but this it totally my opinion; however MS has never really been good at creating or manufacturing hardware. I just pray (for their sake) that this console isn't fraught w/ RROD 2.0 like problems waiting to explode. Same could be said for the 4 as well but we know the build quality will be a little higher for the Tokyo giant if the PS3 is anything to go by.

MikeMyers2496d ago

The indie devs aren't very happy and rightfully so. Microsoft is not treating them any different than big publishers and that isn't what supporting indies is all about. I imagine all the bigger publishers will be very supportive of the Xbox One.

The size of the system is like sticking a middle finger at the Japanese market who like smaller devices. Oh well, it's not like Japanese gamers were going to support the new Xbox regardless of what it looks like. As long as its well ventilated and no hardware issues I don't really care what it looks like. The only system I didn't like the looks of was the Gamecube.

WeaseL2496d ago

It looks like my old media center pc I had back in 2005.

darthv722496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

is said to be between that of the original 360 and the 360s. It is the hard edges that give the appearance of bulk.

it is a solid piece that is very reminiscent of any A/V component. It should fit nicely into a home entertainment center which is the idea.

So it would blend with other makers like JVC, Pioneer, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, sony....

It does seem like a step back from the curved and creative design of the 360/s but if the intent is to appeal to even more types of consumers, you cant really go wrong with the hard edge design.

it is very possible this will be seen in several departments in a store. you would find it in the video games as well as probably in the A/V section and perhaps even the media center PC section.

BadboyCivic2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

If you don't like the box, don't buy it.

Take a look at your TV, cable box, modem, disc player. Notice something, they are all mostly square boxes

Bathyj2496d ago

The look of it speaks volumes.
They dont want it to be seen as a console, they want it to be a piece of av equipment.

mediate-this2496d ago

Peter M, gave a good response, I thought he was going to be the first one to defend Microsoft. But he said as a gamer it does not appeal to him, he will make his judgement at e3

koolaid2512495d ago

Something that big isn't gonna overheat!!!

NewMonday2495d ago

Peter Molyneux surprised me with his comment, with his close relationship with MS I thought he wold praise the XB1,but his reaction is the same as the overwhelming majority.

VegasDawg2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

If you look at the box half of the top is a vent for heat, I really think they learned their lesson with the rrod and besides they didn't rush this one out.

hiphopisdead2495d ago

I understand why devs are disappointed with microsoft... I would be too.

When you reveal a game console, you gotta talk mainly about games. Sure mention other cool features, but focus on games. Keep the gaming industry a buzz, growing, happy, ... get publishers and developers to be a part of your new console reveal. Let everyone watching get excited for the gaming industry.

Microsoft had a shorter conference, and talked about games for less than half of it... and had nothing to actually show for games (no game or game feature demos). The demoed the hell out of switching between tv and menu... and switching between tv and game cg trailer.

papashango2495d ago

I agree with Team Meat but they've had beef with M$ for awhile.


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BitbyDeath2496d ago

Both Double Fine and Team Meat already commented earlier-

Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy:

So as someone who doesn't play Forza or any EA Sports game and already has a computer hooked to my TV, what does Xbox One offer me?

Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine Productions:

"@Polygon: Indie developers cannot self-publish on Xbox One" Booo! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BoooOOOoooOooooo! Boo!

FITgamer2496d ago

Yeah the X1 is an ugly wildebeest, but if your are gamer you'll get over the way hardware looks. Its what's inside that matters. That being said what's inside X1 isn't very attractive either.

Perjoss2496d ago

If I cared about what my consoles actually looked like I would never have bought my launch PS3.

killacal132496d ago

The x1 is an exquisite form of art, stored away by the illuminati till the day humanity was ready to lay eyes upon it, okay jk, its pretty fugly, but it's the inside that counts, making it hideous,.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2495d ago

So why would gamers go for a t.v focused box? none that's the answer

starchild2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

There are a lot of legitimate complaints that could be leveled at the Xbox One, but its physical design is not one of them.

First of all, a game console is mostly made to be played, not looked at. So it's not a huge deal no matter how you dice it.

Second, the design actually looks grown-up, instead of looking like a toy. It looks like most other AV equipment and it will go nicely in most entertainment setups.

I sincerely hope Sony goes with a similar design. Sure, they could make it look even more elegant and interesting. But I hope it doesn't look like a toy. Video games are not for kids only and the physical hardware designs should not look like toys.

Also, fanboys who are attacking the Xbox One for being "too big" are going to be looking pretty stupid if the PS4 comes out and is even bigger (after all, it has more powerful hardware that is going to be harder to cool).

Come on, guys, I think the PS4 is the better machine for me by far, but Im not going to jump on the bandwagon of hating on every single thing about the Xbox One even when it is irrational and doesn't make sense.

Imalwaysright2496d ago

Agreed. Unless its pink, I could care less how the console looks like.

MRMagoo1232496d ago

Yet ps4 was called out at their reveal for not showing the console cos thats all that matters lmao you guys.

N4Flamers2495d ago

I dont understand how people say its not ugly, but then go on to say its what's inside that counts. I could care less about what a console looks like but ugly is ugly. The only av gear it looks like is a receiver so im not getting that excuse either. Its fatter than a br player and a cable or dish box. Im hoping sony has something nicer planned but I'll buy that either way, I just wont call it pretty.

NextGen24Gamer2496d ago

Now that the developers are starting to publicly state cloud is visionary and impressive tech, that will allow Xbox One to blow past any competition Sony fans are trying to force the *Me Too* card for Sony. Or they just stay in denial and say it's not possible with "NO" tech experience in the area!

There were rumors of the Xbox One using cloud computing months before the Xbox One reveal. Sony fans think PS4 will have Cloud computing as well and have dialed down their attacks.

Xbox One is designed from the ground up for Cloud/Azure on the hardware side, the infrastructure side, and the type of server side.

The PS4 does not currently have the ability to do what MSFT is doing on the hardware side nor the system sotfware side let alone the type of cloud servers and the amount(infrastructure). It's interesting that the rest of the gaming world is finally just now catching up LMAO

Hell even Nintendo knows this is the future

The problem is Microsoft is leading in this tech and while Sony & Nintendo may eventually try to add cloud servers to help to improve their games, they are both years behind Microsoft in this area!

When you offload heavy computing to the cloud like A.I. and extra effects...It free's up the hardware to do more. Xbox one out of the box is capable of 4k resolutions...So obviously games will be in 1080p 60 fps, I'm sure Ps4 will be too. But, with the power of the cloud, the xbox one will have a huge advantage!

Xbox One was built for the future, not for today!

1. If you don't have an internet connection, you might want to buy a ps4 or stick with your xbox 360.

2. If you don't have an HD TV, you definately aren't ready to get the xbox one! It only has hdmi output as it should being a true next gen device.

3. If you are scared of technical advancements such as having 1080p kinnect for games & skype on your tv or giving your friends the ability to control your game LIVE when you are stuck, and your console being able to recognize you and the ability to control your conosle, tv, music, video's and games with your voice or hand gestures...then the state of the art next gen xbox one is not for you! Stay in the stone age and play your xbox 360, ps3 or ps4.

While there are always a people scared to Jump Into the next generation of tech,I'm ready for it and I have a strong feeling there is a good 40 to 50 million xbox live gamers that are MORE THAN READY!

Also, Xbox One will bring in new consumers with the added functionality of the xbox one outside of games! And that's great news!

Sure they are leaving behind the non connected, non HD, non willing to grow the industry gamers! But that's okay! They still have the ps4! It's a win win for all gamers!

BLow2496d ago

Please, keep coping and pasting the same stuff in every article. I don't understand how you can make such bold claims about if or what Sony is doing. You must either work for MS or have some serious stock in their company. Can't wait to see this cloud computing at E3. It's going to be at E3 right? Surely, MS will have this awesome tech to show off at E3. Can't wait!!!

Campy da Camper2496d ago

And if your Internet goes down for half a day, how is that cloud going to be?

MysticStrummer2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

"Now that the developers are starting to publicly state cloud is visionary and impressive tech, that will allow Xbox One to blow past any competition"

Has anyone said that? I guess I need to read this article again...

"If I judge it in gaming terms, I didn't see enough meat on the bones or get enough details. I didn't see enough demos or games that stretched the system. There seemed to be a bit of fog of war going on, showing behind the scenes and meshwork and animation and motion capture. I've seen that a thousand times before. I just want to see what this console, the Xbox One, can do for me as a gamer. I think for me there was a little too much emphasis on what else it can do. I just want the ultimate gaming console, and I'm not sure that's what I got from that presentation."

"The biggest pull as a dev to develop for a system is if that system can sell video games. Currently, it looks like Xbox One wants to sell TV a lot more than it sells games, and video isn't my chosen medium."

"Based on what has been revealed, the Xbox One doesn't offer anything that my living room doesn't already have or anything that I feel I need. I have a PC with a CableCard adapter hooked to the TV in my living room, I don't have any desire to use Kinect, and I'm not interested in COD or any of the EA Sports titles."

"Unfortunately, I think fear has driven them into a few major missteps, one of which is the online-only requirement (which I sure hope they will drop after enough backlash makes its way up the chain). Another is the lack of legit support for indie game development, which again I believe is the fear of that stealing too much thunder from their premium AAA quality games. Those two things really bummed me out the most, and both could end up being key points that allow Sony to win with PS4. "

Oh yeah, they're all about it. /s

"When you offload heavy computing to the cloud like A.I. and extra effects...It free's up the hardware to do more."

...except even people who think the cloud power thing will work say what you're talking about here is false. You're just spreading misinformation. That's fine, but don't be surprised when you get called on it every time.

cell9892496d ago

you clearly forget that Sony owns Gaikaih....

killacal132496d ago

Why does every statement you make end with !!!! are you seriously saying that the cloud will make the One magically 300% better? I ain't no tech person but it seriously doesn't sound possible, it would have probably been more cost effective to make every machine more powerful out the box. pun intended .

Metfanant2495d ago

have you actually read any articles that actually explore the cloud gaming stuff??

like this one:

give it a read...doesn't paint a pretty picture for what MS is talking about...

moegooner882495d ago

For all those interested in understanding how cloud gaming might work, this piece offers a lot of insight into it. Spoiler alert, it's all talk until proven otherwise.

Oh_Yeah2495d ago

Even if true, too bad I've never seen a 1st party xbox dev deliver a game on Sonys level, too bad you have to pay to play multiplayer or use any of the apps, too bad you have to pay a fee for used games,too bad if your Internet gets disconnected you won't be able to play games, too bad you can't lend to your friends/resell games, I mean that's too many too bads to defend the console really.

MRMagoo1232495d ago

The cloud isnt going to do anything for the xbone power wise i really cant believe you can be dumb enough to fall for it, you are going to be very very sad when the games start to flow and you see it for yourself, but then you will prob flip flop to something else.

Mr_Writer852495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

They all would be good points, however you fail to mention to get all this extra power you will have to pay for Xbox live.

Paying for multiplayer is already a very silly thing, but also having to not only go online but also pay to get the best out of not only the games but the console itself is bad news.

Yet people like yourself will fail to see this. And with these 300,000 new servers, exclusive and DLC mean one thing, Xbox Live price hike.

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denawayne2496d ago

"The more I look at that picture, the more I get annoyed by its bulkiness that resembles that of a VCR."

Said all the Sony fans back in FEB who said it didn't matter what the console looked like.....

Ticklez2496d ago

It's design is like that on perpose dude, look at all the other cable boxes out there.

ShaunCameron2496d ago

In all fairness, the launch and original slim model PS3's (though I love the original slim model) were just as bulky.

hellvaguy2496d ago


In response to everything getting smaller and more efficient, just come look at my lastest gigantic water cooled desktop pc for evidence to the contrary. The more you push the bounds of the lastest and fastest tech, the hotter it will run.

X1 and Ps4 may end having bigger cases for this very reason. They need that extra cooling.

cell9892496d ago

not really they run on 28nm chip technology

hellvaguy2496d ago

my intel i7 is 22nm, so whats your point?

rainslacker2495d ago

It depends on the efficiency of the cooling system and how everything is set up inside it. For the most part, a PC is not the best way to measure how big a box is going to be because of how inefficient it's cooling system can be. It's gotten better with putting the CPU closer to where the vents would be, but there is still a lot of dead space, and some consideration has to be given to the number of devices in the case itself. Basically, the PC can be set up in numerous ways, so it has to take much into account. Closed system PC's, such as those offered by Apple, can be more compact because they know what will be in them(along with the type of internals it uses).

There was a picture of the inside of the X1, and it looked to be pretty open inside. This will probably keep the system cooler as there is more room for the air to flow.

The original PS3 runs pretty hot, and the internals are pretty well packed inside. however the massive fan which sits on top of it is pretty efficient in keeping it cool. Unfortunately the compactness leads to issues like air blockage(intake mostly) and requires routine vacuuming to maximize cooling.

medman2495d ago

The only sense you make is nonsense. Back up your ridiculous ylod and blu ray deaths with stats or remain silent. Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something. Guess which category you fall in.

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southernbanana2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

So did you say the same thing about the first iteration of the PS3? I loved my phat model before I purchased the slim, but that is how the tech at the time progressed.....

Animal Mutha 762495d ago

Have you seen the size of the fan they are using?

Explains the box size.

malokevi2495d ago

Looks sleek to me. It will fit in nicely with my DVR and Bluray player, while retaining a sort of gaming-style sheen.

I dont understand how anyone can hate a sleek black box... Its basically the same thing as the past gens but less cheap-looking.

+ Show (9) more repliesLast reply 2495d ago
Mr_Nuts2496d ago

*** I think they did a fantastic presentation. They do those unveils incredibly well. I'm a gamer at heart. I love gaming and I love playing with my console. ***

Oh Peter...(sigh)

stage882496d ago

Some people are blind and believe what they want to believe.

Utalkin2me2496d ago

I found this pretty amusing too, "BAM" there it is.

MysticStrummer2496d ago

Read the rest of what he said.

"If I judge it in gaming terms, I didn't see enough meat on the bones or get enough details. I didn't see enough demos or games that stretched the system. There seemed to be a bit of fog of war going on, showing behind the scenes and meshwork and animation and motion capture. I've seen that a thousand times before. I just want to see what this console, the Xbox One, can do for me as a gamer. I think for me there was a little too much emphasis on what else it can do. I just want the ultimate gaming console, and I'm not sure that's what I got from that presentation."

rainslacker2495d ago

This was taken from the IGN post analysis I believe. In it Peter was quite critical of the reveal and MS. I didn't agree with everything he said, but he was positive about some things, and negative about others. If anything, his past relationship with MS does lend some credibility to the criticism, and as such, should lend some credibility to the praise. He was fairly balanced from what I watched.

bunfighterii2495d ago

That guy has lost it. He started all positive then did a complete 180 by the end of his response.

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2496d ago Replies(2)
OSIRUSSS2496d ago

Developers are really gonna be bummed when the XBONE gets hacked and you will be able to play any game off line from the HD! Yep they may even be a tad crestfallen!

jc485732496d ago

they can even hack kinect to see what you are doing in the middle of the night.

heihoosilver2495d ago

in the middle of the night i sleep, but during the day...

Infamouskat2496d ago

I think Team Meat was the only honest development team here, and I think it's because Team Meat is indie, and Ubisoft is a really big development studio so of course they aren't going to say anything bad about MS new console because they want to make as much of every console as possible (I like Ubisoft, but indies don't have any risks when saying the truth).

theWB272496d ago

How don't Indies have any risk? If they lose money by talking bad about a console that could end their smaller operation...Ubisoft has titles that almost guaranteed to sale regardless of what they say...Indies can't afford that same luxury.

NBT912496d ago

Exactly. Indie developers need publishers and talking bad about a console that might support your game isn't great.

That said, it was completely fair criticism. Not like they just said it to bash MS, they just said what many other people have been saying since the reveal.

phantomexe2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

indies don't need publishers on the ps4 and wiiu i hear. Just saying...... so really they can say what they want. Who needs there cash when you can kickstart it as well. Self publish is a great thing.

waltercross2495d ago


Yup PS4 and Wii U dont need publishers, they can self publish. So yup they can talk shit to MS if they want, they'll just go to PS4/Wii U.

humbleopinion2495d ago

The thing I loved most about Team Meat Edmund's answer is how things come around. He said:
"Seven years ago I hooked one of my PCs up to my TV and I never looked back, so the media PC that Microsoft seems to be pushing isn't something that excites me in the slightest."

And I just realized that I too hooked up a PC to my TV about seven years back, and it serves me for all my media needs. The funny part? It's basically stripped down to running only XMBC (Xbox Media Center) - the open-source software that was originally created for the original Xbox itself by some hackers to increase it's functionality as a media device.
And with all the community plug-ins available, it offers me a watching experience that neither Sony of Microsoft will be able to match: I recall how MS presented SmartGlass in their past E3 conference and how I thought to myself "so basically the XMBC android companion app I already have installed on my phone".

WitWolfy2495d ago

Here here... I love me XBMC media center.. Everything my 360 wished it could be when comparing it to being a media portal.