Naughty Dog And The Expectation To Deliver

There are all sorts of reasons why The Last of Us marks something of a departure for developers Naughty Dog. As the studio’s first mature title (Nathan Drake’s consistent use of “crap” isn’t especially mature) there is a pressure to be both ‘adult’ and not just insanely rude and/or violent, ‘cos that just ain’t gonna cut it today. Naughty Dog have established themselves as a studio that continually give us what we want, yet simultaneously surprising and delighting us.

Case in point is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. We asked for sand; Creative Director Amy Hennig sent us not to frankly clichéd Egypt, but to the lesser known Iram of Pillars. We wanted a female adversary and we were given not a sexy vixen for Nate to sleep with and Elena to catfight with, but a cerebral creepy late middle aged matriarch.

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