Why the Xbox One could kill the Xbox brand

For a company that created a desktop operating system monopoly, no one ever knew they could be so stupid. For those who do not know, the Xbox One was announced exactly a week ago to unanimous negative feedback. In fact, the announcement of the Xbox One was the most negative feedback I have ever seen in a massive technological reveal. There are many horrible new stories that we are now just hearing for the first time about this system, so let me give you a run down of why these stories are bad, and what they mean for the Xbox brand as a whole if true.

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Thatguy-3102502d ago

But it's breaking pre-order records at BLOCKBUSTER *sarcastic voice* Can't wait for E3!!

ApolloTheBoss2502d ago

Those 10 people must be so happy with their purchase. :D

Godmars2902502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Its also #1 on Amazon on pre-orders.

Real question is how it'll be selling in a week or month after release.

Skips2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


...for US Amazon. Also updated DAILY... Meaning, it counts how many are added THAT DAY.

Just like how best sellers work when updated hourly...

Edit: DAT PS4 release date... o_0

NextGen24Gamer2502d ago

Now that the developers are starting to publicly state cloud is visionary and impressive tech, that will allow Xbox One to blow past any competition Sony fans are trying to force the *Me Too* card for Sony. Or they just stay in denial and say it's not possible with "NO" tech experience in the area!

There were rumors of the Xbox One using cloud computing months before the Xbox One reveal. Sony fans think PS4 will have Cloud computing as well and have dialed down their attacks.

Xbox One is designed from the ground up for Cloud/Azure on the hardware side, the infrastructure side, and the type of server side.

The PS4 does not currently have the ability to do what MSFT is doing on the hardware side nor the system sotfware side let alone the type of cloud servers and the amount(infrastructure). It's interesting that the rest of the gaming world is finally just now catching up LMAO

Hell even Nintendo knows this is the future

The problem is Microsoft is leading in this tech and while Sony & Nintendo may eventually try to add cloud servers to help to improve their games, they are both years behind Microsoft in this area!

When you offload heavy computing to the cloud like A.I. and extra effects...It free's up the hardware to do more. Xbox one out of the box is capable of 4k resolutions...So obviously games will be in 1080p 60 fps, I'm sure Ps4 will be too. But, with the power of the cloud, the xbox one will have a huge advantage!

Xbox One was built for the future, not for today!

1. If you don't have an internet connection, you might want to buy a ps4 or stick with your xbox 360.

2. If you don't have an HD TV, you definately aren't ready to get the xbox one! It only has hdmi output as it should being a true next gen device.

3. If you are scared of technical advancements such as having 1080p kinnect for games & skype on your tv or giving your friends the ability to control your game LIVE when you are stuck, and your console being able to recognize you and the ability to control your conosle, tv, music, video's and games with your voice or hand gestures...then the state of the art next gen xbox one is not for you! Stay in the stone age and play your xbox 360, ps3 or ps4.

While there are always a people scared to Jump Into the next generation of tech,I'm ready for it and I have a strong feeling there is a good 40 to 50 million xbox live gamers that are MORE THAN READY!

Also, Xbox One will bring in new consumers with the added functionality of the xbox one outside of games! And that's great news!

Sure they are leaving behind the non connected, non HD, non willing to grow the industry gamers! But that's okay! They still have the ps4! It's a win win for all gamers!

GamersRulz2502d ago

ALL games will be superior in PS4.

Cloud is a marketing PR also it's not exclusive to Xbone.

Sony has Cloud
MS has Cloud
Nintendo has Cloud
Google has Cloud
Amazon has Cloud

Almost every medium to big company in the world has some sort of cloud servers.

Keep dreaming about this imaginary advantage in your head while PS4 fans enjoy REAL advantages in their games.

duli142502d ago

Finally some guy that speaks sense. The cloud has infinite power, look at some of the things it can do, truly amazing!

MysticStrummer2502d ago

So much delusion in that wall of text.


ShwankyShpanky2502d ago

Oh boy! Delicious copy/pasta! Try my recipe:

Remember how the Cell made for a unique dev environment that required extra work on the part of the dev to get the most out of the chip? Now it's MS's turn with the "cloud." Let's see if they can pull it off.

>>So obviously games will be in 1080p 60 fps

Sony already had 1080p/60fps games on the PS3. Are you implying that *all* games will be 1080p/60fps? Because that is a boooold statement.

>>If you are scared of technical advancements such as having 1080p kinnect for games & skype on your tv

Hardly scared, just not interested. I have no "fear" of Kinect for games, but I do have concern about a spybox in my house. You may call that being "scared," but I'll call it "paying attention to a company's history and the general trend of the marketing/surveillance society that is being constructed." To call it "scared of technical achievements" is like saying I don't want BP to drill a well in my backyard because I'm "scared of oil," or saying I don't want to put my money in an MF Global account because I'm "scared of money." People that dismiss the spybox concerns are so beyond naive that it beggars belief.

>>giving your friends the ability to control your game LIVE when you are stuck

Um... PS4 will do that.

>>your console being able to recognize you

Why the hell would I want that?

>>and the ability to control your conosle, tv, music, video's and games with your voice or hand gestures

...which are more awkward and cumbersome than simple button presses. And personally, I fucking hate talking to electronics. I'd much rather "press 1 for yes, press 2 for no."

You keep your TV spybox and your head in the "clouds," I'll play KZ:SF.

BTW... PS3 had [email protected] and PS+ online gamesaves... so Sony already beat MS to the "cloud," they just didn't apply it to game processing.


Microsoft Spying on Users For Free
"(2010) the FTC named the worst privacy abusers ... named Microsoft as one of the companies that failed to keep the promises they made to consumers regarding the security of their personal information. ... involved such practices as the alleged failure to:
1. comply with posted privacy policies
2. take even the most basic steps to protect against common technology threats.
3. dispose of data safely
4. take reasonable steps to guard against sharing customer data with unauthorized third parties.

Microsoft Skype Messaging Surveillance Not the Main Issue, Audio Recording (Bugging) and Computer Hijacking Are

Is Microsoft Spying On SkyDrive Users?

Microsoft, Too, Says FBI Secretly Surveilling Its Customers

Microsoft's Spy Guide: What You Need to Know (3 years old)

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3-4-52502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

* People who want it because they are fanboys will buy it.

* People with extra cash and into casual + fantasy sports will buy it

* People too stupid to do some research and who just buy it because it's the "hot" thing to buy will make a purchase.

* If these 15 games are awesome, then more people will buy it and it will be understandable as to why they are making a purchase.

* It's like they want Console gamers, casual iphone gamers, fantasy sports people, sports watchers and your family to all be doing the same thing using the same device ?

* So it's hooked up to cable box.....what if somebody wants to watch the game, but I want to play a game ? No instead of having 2 spots to do that's all in one spot which leads to arguing over who gets to do what...because you can't do both..............unless you have a Wii U.

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NameRemoved00172502d ago

The xbox brand already is dead to anyone except people in this group:
Unaware it exist
Don't believe that it can't do things like play 360 games or requires kinect
People who know its bad and will buy it anyway for some reason.

Hicken2502d ago

It's a damn shame.

And instead of being upset with Microsoft for doing all this stupid crap, they attack other people that ARE disgruntled.

Hell, I hate Microsoft, but I didn't hope for all this. I wanted to be wowed with a new dedication to gaming and core gamers, which is what the Xbox brand started off being all about.

Now, gaming is an "also ran" on a gaming console... that can't be good, period.

from the beach2502d ago

"I hate Microsoft" - damn, and this guy used to be the biggest Microsoft fanboy, constantly bragging about his Gears of War skills and how Kinect would revolutionise gaming.

Starting to really think it's over for MS..

SpideySpeakz2502d ago

See, the fundamental problem with MS's new Xbox One, is that it doesn't have a core functionality. It doesn't have that core basic purpose that drives the consumers into buying it. Thurrott said it better than me, but MS is creating the Xbox to try and do MANY things at once, trying to broadly appeal to many people at once, which will only confuse and alienate potential buyers. Hardcore Gamers don't have the same outlook as Casual Gamers. And that alienation only thickens the wall between them. I really don't know if X1 will succeed or not, but I know MS is trying something that no company would dare risk.

MikeMyers2502d ago

"And instead of being upset with Microsoft for doing all this stupid crap, they attack other people that ARE disgruntled."

Actually you have it backwards, people who support the Xbox One or at the very least want to know more about it are accused of being non-gamers, anti-consumers and quite frankly idiots for even considering it.

Be disgruntled all you want, that's not the issue. People can complain about any new system or old one. That's not the problem. The problem is people seem to want to stop the debate and call out the verdict before we know the full details while others are berated for even having any signs of a positive attitude towards the Xbox One. You've even questioned people who have shown interest like it's an interrogation because you feel their decisions will one day impact yours.

ddurand12502d ago

I think a big underestimation or overlooked idea about the xbox brand is the market that it appeals to.

The only people I know what own a 360 are younger people who's parents pay for their live accounts, games and internet.

I think that trend continues. I dont think they care about all the shenanigans or rumored shenanigans that MS is pulling.

I wish it the best though, competition is good for gaming. I just know I wont be purchasing one.

brianunfried2502d ago

Xbox One is just an Arcade machine in your home, instead of feeding it quarters you feed it your credit card.

Ko_Uraki2502d ago

In 14 days we'll know the truth. MS as been sold as death too many times in these years.

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