Rumor: Monolith Soft's X Project is called Xenoform

Monolith’s X project that we’ve been seeing so much about seems to be called Xenoform: Episode I: Liber Novus. The listing goes into a bit further detail about the game, giving us some idea what the project could be about and some of the gameplay we expect to encounter.

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Shok2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

That was Shulk at the end of the trailer though, and Shulk's voice actor even said that he's working on X. To me, that's 100% confirmation that it's a Xenoblade sequel. Not to mention that the battle UI and combat looks just like it.

But other than the name, everything else sounds pretty legit. Weird.........

overlordror2502d ago

Right? I'm really looking forward to seeing this at E3.

WiiUsauce2502d ago

Shokio, did you beat Xenoblade? I got 47 hours in and I stopped playing. I do that a lot with games, I really need to go back and finish that game.

Dj7FairyTail2502d ago

go back and play.

It took me 60 hours first playthrough with Shulk at level 80 doing less than half of the sidequest.
Though I did two hours of training before the end near Colony 9 and Gaur Plain.

Shok2502d ago

Yes, I did. I finished in a little over 70 hours in a speed-run. I really didn't do any side-quests at all and did minimal gem creating.

A normal or completionist play-through should last you well over 100 hours.

It's a very epic game man, I recommend you finish it.

Theyellowflash302502d ago

Holy Sh*t I never put two and two together. You are Shokio from YouTube! LOL, freaking bubble king over here.

animegamingnerd2502d ago

i agree shokio all signs are pretty much pointing to it being a sequel to xenoblade unless if they are pulling a kojima

stragomccloud2501d ago

Maybe then Xenoblade represents the prologue in a greater piece of work.

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Majin-vegeta2502d ago

Once this game releases.I'll buy a WII U.

Shok2502d ago

But doesn't Babidi work for Sony?

ApexHell2501d ago

but vegeta will break free of those restraints soon enough!

stragomccloud2501d ago

This is an awesome conversation!

wishingW3L2502d ago

don't like the name. Xenogears, Xenosaga, Xenoblade were all good but, Xenoform? Nah...

krontaar2502d ago

Are you joking? I honestly can't tell.

MNGamer-N2502d ago

Anyone remember Xenophobe back in the day? I plyed the hell out of that game

jcnba282502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I think it might be called Xenoform because if you remember from the trailer the mech transformed over the water while it was flying. Can't wait for E3!

_QQ_2502d ago

The mechs are apparently called Dolls, you can see it in the trailer.

Gaming4Ever2502d ago

Was excited until I saw that 'Wii U Daily' was reporting it: a site largely fuelled by complete lies, (see the Zelda Wii U story!).

thetrugamer2502d ago

lol yeah,, that zelda story was a complete laugh, although credit to them for making it convincing at first! then all the other sites destroyed it!

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The story is too old to be commented.