Humble Bundle 8 is Now Live and It's Fantastic

Humble Bundle has quickly become one of the most well-respected, and positive influences in the gaming community. As usual, several respected indie developers have come together to release a bundle of their great games that cost you the glorious price of *anything you wish to pay*. You can pay as much as you want, as most of the cash (or however much you choose of it) goes to charity organizations and directly to the creators. Now available is the illustrious Humble Bundle 8.

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LAWSON722503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

The only one I heard of was Awesomenauts and after playing each one it was my least favorite. Capsized had some good music and good gameplay, dear esther is very action intense game /s, and little inferno is like a mobile game where you burn certain objects to get a combo. I have not played all of them yet, but cant really complain for $1. I have not played many indie titles but I can see why people are huge fans of the genre. Alot of the games feel unique and very different then current gen blockbuster titles.

Jdoki2503d ago

If you'd paid more than the average (currently $5.70) you would have got Hotline Miami and Proteus.

Hotline Miami is worth the $5.70 on its own.

Toon_Link2503d ago

I'm really tempted to pick up this bundle(lots of great titles) but I'm mainly a console gamer and I'm patiently waiting for hotline Miami for the PSVita.

I've seen on a video awhile back that hotline Miami can use the Xbox gamepad, can anyone tell me if the game supports other game pads? I have a generic USB controller I use for FFXI and FFXIV and if I could use it I'd be willing to drop some cash on this bundle.

aviator1892503d ago

Is dear esther any good?

Bimkoblerutso2503d ago

It's very different, but I loved it, personally. There is a very interesting narrative that unfolds as you walk around the island (and the island is beautiful), but that is literally all you will be doing: walking around an island.

If you pay attention to all the little details, though, it's very interesting and eerie.

aviator1892503d ago

sounds like my sort of game.

grailly2503d ago

I'm not sure I would recommend it, it's really pretty and it sets the mood quite well, but there really isn't anything to do with it. You might as well watch a play through of it…

it's really beautiful though

Mouktouk2503d ago

Great selection of great games.
They're all very different but they can bring you an interesting experience. I bought the bundle, even if I already have most of them. I'm especially curious to see Proteus, this game always intrigued me.

Ilovetheps52503d ago

I already bought this Humble Bundle. I buy almost every Humble Bundle. It's a really good system and it's nice that they let you decide how much goes where. I usually split it evenly between them all. Oh and don't forget, the weekly sale is Alan Wake. Pay whatever you want and get Alan Wake on Steam. Just click the weekly sale tab at the top of the page. That ends tomorrow I think.

Erdrick2503d ago

probably the best indie bundle i've seen...

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