Super Mario Bros 3 English VS Japanese Comparison

Most of the game is the same in the English and Japanese Super Mario Bros 3 except these Major differences!!! If you thought Super Mario Bros 3 is hard, think again because the Japanese Version is tougher.... Also, a few glitches have been fixed since they changed the game from the Japanese version which is shown in this video.

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pretty awesome little vid lol

Axonometri2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I thought it was because us fat burger eating guys could play the game and eat our burger at the same time.

Edit:OOPS! See, I replied on the comment above because I was taking a bite of my big fat juicy burger.

Kos-Mos2507d ago

The japanese always gets the more difficult version since they are more up for a challenge than fat burger eaters.

isarai2507d ago

i'm a fat burger eater, and would love the extra challange

ThatArtGuy2507d ago

Actually, when I was at Nintendo, the Japanese testers had to put shortcuts into Double Dash tracks to beat our US times.

Heh heh.

Captain Qwark 92507d ago

its just assumed they like the challenge more. i much prefer the harder games

also, the names are much more original in the japanese version. thats a stupid change

Y_51502507d ago

Well so the Super Mario Bros 3 game I played as a kid was the japanese version? The suits flew off in my version just like the Japanese version. That's odd, love this video though!

HarryMasonHerpderp2507d ago

Can never decide which is the better Mario game Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario world. Both have a special place in my memories.