MGS4 Limited Edition Detailed And Priced For U.S.

Kagari from NeoGAF writes:

"I walked into work today and we got an email saying we're now taking reserves on the MSG4 Limited Edition version. The limited edition will retail for $84.99 and include the following:

A Blu-ray containing
2 making of documentaries, and interview with Kojima
4 chapters of the graphic novel
Metal Gear Import Soundtrack CD

Reserves for the limited edition will also get an exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4 art book at time of purchase.

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eagle213864d ago

I am just glad everything is on schedule!

doodle3864d ago

GT5P ,GTA and MGS4 ---OMG april /may /june will be firseome months for PS3 owners

However GT5P will make the most impact in EUROPE followed by MGS4.

In US all 3 will make equal impacts . However i have a feeling that GOTY 2008 MGS4 might be ASTRONOMICAL since there is so much hype behind it

eagle213864d ago

and you can still keep reminding me too. Another downloadable classic for PSN. :)

Danja3864d ago

no one 4got bout Socom but it's MGS4 dude......Socom is a couple more months away now lets bask in the classic that is MGS4...

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decapitator3864d ago

Damn, now I have to get the Limited edition now...

Breakfast3864d ago

Does it come with the mgs console package?

decapitator3864d ago

Hope you are being funny but if you you are not then NO. This is just the game with extra content.

Breakfast3864d ago was a real question...i didnt know it was that obvious.

decapitator3864d ago

And all of that for just $84.99 ? come on man...:)

Breakfast3864d ago

OOOO...not that way...LOL...I was wondering why you answered that way. I was asking if the mgs bundle came with the limited addition. Not the other way around.

sonarus3864d ago

i usually don't buy limited editions. In fact i have never bought a limited edition ANYTHING in my life. But due to my NEED for MGS4 and its 50GB's of Greatness i will fork up that extra 25 bucks. Will it be worth it? Probably not but at least i can say i have limited edition of something. MGS series always had excellent sound track so i am very interested in that. I really truly am finding it quite difficult to wait for this game.

I am so happy it is dropping in June and a day after my gf's bday so i won't have any split responsibilities. If this game launches at midnite i think i am going to have to get in line:( even though i know i can get it the next day and it probably wnt be worth it but i have never gotten in line for a game either. Gotta get that experience

dogseye_deadhorse3864d ago

down under we pay $100 US just for the full game let alone limited edition.

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niall773864d ago

to bad we wont get it.... like always


doodle3864d ago

and this ONE too.

EUROPE is the most important region for SONY now because of 1) europeans have more purchasing power

2) europe saved PS3 last year and will probably help PS3 win console war when GT5P is launched there

why do you think GT5P is launched in eu almost a month before it NA release date?

decapitator3864d ago

Am sure Europeans will be getting a special edition as well, it's all up to Konami Europe though.

doodle3864d ago

Ofcourse man be very sure about that

European PS3 owners are MOSTLY hardcore gamers. This is why you have such a high amount of PS3 SW sales there

MGS4/GT5P/RESISTANCE2/KZ2 all have over 1 million in preorders there already

so definitely KONAMI would be releasing something special for PS3 owners there

Baliw3864d ago

MGS4:SE on Europe will be something like 79€ (around $100+).
We europenas still paying for USA cheaper games.

Lets ask Sony to care about us instead and let them know that we are not such a fools, paying twice than americans for the same games with the same content.

70€ = 2 european PS3 games = 2 import PS3 games.

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Skerj3864d ago

I hope the making of documentaries are longer than like 5 mins, if they're at least 30 or something I'll be happy. DMC4 disappointed me so much.

jackdoe3864d ago

The sooner they officially announce this, the sooner I can pre-order it.