How to justify buying the latest console to your partner.

The understanding other half, or even that rarest of creatures, the gaming partner, are few and far between, so us gamers need to get better at qualifying the expense as one we will both benefit from. With announcements of a new Playstation and Xbox later this year, it’s time to get thinking about those excuses. Here’s a few suggestions that may help when it comes to it.

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Snookies121972d ago

My excuse will be.......

Wait, I'm not dating at the moment... YES!

Ask1972d ago

Being a girl who games you don't have this problem really as I don't think I've ever dated a non-gamer.

DarkBlood1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

well we arent exactly flourishing everywhere :P

Snookies121972d ago

Same here, one of my ex's was a non-gamer, but that didn't last very long... Every other girl I've dated has been at least (to some extent) a gamer.

xHeavYx1972d ago

How to justify buying a game console??? I'll just tell her "I'm going to [insert video game retailer] to buy the PS4". I don't need to justify how I spend my money, that's why I have a job

Why o why1972d ago

My partners a gamer. She'll be routing for me to get it. Easy

Minato-Namikaze1972d ago

I'd have to justify why i only bought 1 PS4, Would not go over well, lol.

-Mika-1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Just man up and buy it. She your GF, not your mother.

Eldyraen1972d ago

I agreed although depends on the circumstances/GF. Hopefully you are bit more tactful though if you do try to justify it... or it probably won't matter anymore.

Majin-vegeta1972d ago

Usually goes something like this.

GF:How can you spend $400+ on something like that.

Me:Cuz it's worth the damn price for everything i can do on it.

Her:Waste of money if you ask me and too expensive.

Me:You wanna talk about expensive and waste of money?Your damn Coach bags cost at least $400+,make up at least 100+ everytime you shop.

Her:Shut up and just get it -__-.

Me:Lol never fails.

fattyuk1972d ago

I'm buying it.

nuff said

mushroomwig1972d ago

If I had to "justify" my hobby to anyone then they're not really worth being with.

insomnium21972d ago

Ummm.... what about if you have kids and don't have that much money to spend on stuff?

ddurand11971d ago

then you should be responsible with your money like a man and your significant other shouldnt have to tell you that.

otherwise. assuming that the ps4 comes out in the first week of november, there are roughly 25 weeks left until release.

put aside 25$ a week till then and youll be able to save up enough for a console and a fwe games.

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The story is too old to be commented.