4 Nails That Sony Can Still Drive In The Coffin

As happy as Sony is right now, and as down and out as Microsoft appears to be, the bloodletting likely isn't over yet. Here are four things that Sony could do to drive the nail even deeper into the Xbox One's metaphorical coffin, writes Blake of Leviathyn.

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FITgamer2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Trash article. With the exception of improving trophies, you are pretty much saying Sony should shadow M$.

patterson2501d ago

The author says there's no "ding" sound when you get a trophy? Huh?

WeAreLegion2501d ago

"ding" is the exact sound the PS3 makes when you earn a trophy. If anything, achievements are more of a "bloop", while trophies "ding".


BlakeA2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

I meant to imply that the trophy sound was different than the achievement sound, but clearly failed to convey that with my wording. I have edited it to closer reflect my point on the sounds, which was really nothing more than a hypothetical one anyway. Thank you for pointing my mistake out.

Hicken2501d ago

Kind of a fail list.

The trophy point is full of inaccuracies. There IS a sound for trophies, and it's more satisfying than the achievement one. And the trophies DO tally for a score, though rather than some arbitrary number total, it gives you an easy-to-compare level, broken down by the number of trophies of each grade that you've acquired. Makes it a lot harder to fluff your list with Dora the Explorer games and have nobody notice.

The Shooter point is also a fail, given how even the numbers actually are on Call of Duty. There's also the fact that Sony's approach isn't the same as Microsoft's, so trying to say Halo and Gears are "better" online arenas than Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, and MAG isn't very truthful. Oh, and there's that: MULTIPLE competitive multiplayer games, rather than just two. And while talking about how Call of Duty is massively important to Microsoft this gen, he negates the idea that Destiny could be the same because it's multiplatform... JUST LIKE CALL OF DUTY. Oh, and I think it should be pretty apparent by now that Sony doesn't need a Halo.

Apps are NOT a nail in the coffin. Not one that Sony drives in, anyway. So far, they've done it right by not having so much emphasis on them. What the author suggests is essentially what they do, anyway, so they don't need to change that.

Trolling Microsoft: This I agree with, if only to get some payback from years of Microsoft and their fans bashing the PS systems.

Overall, though, not very well thought-out, in my opinion.

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