Xbone: No, thank you.

One man's bitter, bitter thoughts on Microsoft's new console.

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blackthorn52506d ago

Just like the 360 you should be able to go into the system and disable the camera also the entire kinect system if you so want.

hakesterman2506d ago ShowReplies(2)
Tyre2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Hell yes dude You still have to stand in front of the camera to start it. And the microphone is always on and has voice recognition. The camera can do biometrics. To even have these technologies in your living room without any control or information about what goes on behind the UI is against the law and even the Human Rights. This has nothing to do with paranoid. It is healty to be sceptical and dissapointed. We have seen a lot of fraud scandals and the abuse of surveillance tech all around. Go ahead trust Big companies without moral compass & greedy mentalities. Be more paranoid i say. It will be better for the future. Geez that Microsoft is trying to lie about the features now...No shame at all. They really do not respect people. And our intellect for that matter. They must be thinking that the majority of the people are peanut brains. They really think they can get away with it. I really hope it will fail. This will not stand. This aggression against the public.

negative2506d ago

Flame bait

Just another great article on N4G!!!

hakesterman2506d ago

Should be an Awsome system. PS4 will be good too, but i want a system that will improve my entire living room experience not just gaming. I already have a PC that i do my Hard core gaming on so going with a PS4 for that reason isn't going to work for me, Nothing against it, but i already have a power house for gaming so the Xboxone makes more sense to me. The only games i'm going to play on it are the Sports games like Madden, Tiger Woods Golf and a few others like Call of Duty, everything else will be played on PC. It will be nice to have a system that can help me navigate my living room nice and smooth.

medman2506d ago

Another sheep being led to the slaughter.

GamerToons2506d ago

I love the name XBone... sums up what we know about the system nicely.

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