The Evil Within - New Screenshots Revealed

Bethesda has released a new batch of screenshots for its upcoming horror title, The Evil Within.

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Eldyraen2501d ago

I hope this game turns out good and gets a nice in game trailer at E3.

I like the way enemies appear to look from both the Live Action trailer and the few screens we have gotten thus far. I just hope gameplay and story can creep us out sufficiently and not be a cheesy mess or too action packed (my fear for all things "horror" related).

It looks sort of RE meets Silent Hill at times so want to find out more about it.

john22501d ago

hopefully it will be scarier (and better in every way) than RE6

Enemy2500d ago

It's weird to see Bethesda have their name attached to a game that might not actually be a broken, buggy as **** snoozefest for a change. Getting to work with Shinji Mikami is probably the best thing that ever happened to them.