GRID 2 Review | NZGamer

NZGamer: "GRID 2, representing a real shift towards the arcade racing genre, is a lot of fun. Yes, I lament the loss of an in-car view, as GRID 2 had me racing from a third person perspective for the first time in years. Along with the over-the-top drift handling I was initially on the fence - but damn it if I didn’t have a blast. While a part of me wishes GRID 2 had gone the simulation path, it really seems to deliver in depth of content, driving model, and particularly some spectacular and thrilling environments. Bring on May 30th when GRID 2 launches on Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 and those multiplayer servers start to fill out."

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Lazarus692503d ago

Good score got my copy preordered

negative2503d ago

Yes!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until mine arrives!