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lupon2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

this kind of reminds me of the cancelled sonic game for sega Saturn.

Abash2501d ago

This looks so Mario. Sonic even hops on enemies and kicks them like Mario's gameplay. This is just so strange

Shnazzyone2501d ago

I got that impression too... then i realized. It's because it appears to be like rebooting the franchise in an good way. Like mario 64 or mario galaxy

diepdiep2501d ago

Hopefully this time there won't be any nasty conflicts among Sega's members or near-death experiences while making this game (Sonic X-treme had these which caused it to be canceled).

sephiroth4202501d ago

that sonic xtreme wouldve been cool as shit if it got released back then, yeah its alot like it well from those demos

sonic9892501d ago

Not that much it has some mario type of art style
but overall as a huge sonic fan i hope it turns out to be a good game then after that i hope sega would consider putting the PS4 back for the next big game

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Lavalamp2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It's Super Sonic Galaxy!

Edit: I missed the ending. Looks like a 3DS version is happening. Must have missed that during the initial announcement.

Moncole2501d ago

It also reminds me of it and thats a good thing.

3-4-52501d ago

First thing I thought too. I think that is a good thing for sonic.

Sonic 1&2 were more slow paced and platform based and they were the best ones arguably.

Yi-Long2501d ago

... first of all no Robotnik it seems, but also I'm just not a fan of the whole 3D gameplay.

I would have preferred to have seen it stick to 2D, or IF you're gonna do it 3D, then do it in a away that it's playable, and not just some kind of inter-active rollercoaster.

MoveTheGlow2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Oh, I'm sure we'll see Robotnik. They're trying to sell it to a new audience, it seems, and I'm sure that'll be the finale. This seems rather early so far.

I really like how this looks - it's exactly what a followup to Generations should play like, with an emphasis on what made the 2D gameplay good, but 3D-ified in a way that's informed much more on Mario Galaxy, or even Mario 3D Land, than Sega's original "Gotta go fast" Adventure 3D roots. Hopefully the game's fleshed out. This looks like it could be the next Sonic Advance as far as the 3DS is concerned.

princejb1342501d ago

It seems no matter what the sonic creators to people like you will complain...shrugs
Maybe they wouldn't be trying new things if sonic sold millions

-Mika-2501d ago

This looks ok. I guess My 3ds won't be getting completely ignored this holiday season.

SonyPS42501d ago

When was the last time 3DS has been ignored? If anything it is the Wii U that needs support. Perhaps you made a typo.

Gaming4Ever2501d ago

They must have, the 3DS support is actually insane at the moment.

WiiUsauce2501d ago

I like that Sony gamers and Nintendo gamers are on the same page. Who would've thought that Microsoft's colossal failure of a press conference would've brought us together? I can't wait to get my PS4 with Killzone Shadow Fall (I really hope there'll be vehicles in the multiplayer, because if there is, then I don't need Halo anymore).

Genuine-User2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Parts of the trailer were from the Wii U version. The 3DS won't even come close to the trailer in terms of graphic fidelity.
I'll get this on the Wii U.

Venox20082501d ago

maybe 3ds version will be a separate game, like sonic generations 3ds and sonic colors ds was

Phil322501d ago

Mika says a Wii U game looks "ok." Truly we have discovered a sign of the apocalypse.

truechainz2501d ago

the funniest thing about mika's comment is the attempt to actually make someone believe that he owns a 3DS

MoveTheGlow2501d ago

Whew! I don't even know what's in the 3DS holiday lineup yet (as they typically announce that stuff at E3, but hey, they're not exactly going to *be* there... but there will be Directs...); you must have some amazing inside sources there, Mika! I guess it's looking grim...?

This July, I'm just staring at Shin Megami Tensei 4. That'll take up a good portion of my time once I finally complete Fire Emblem.

RogueStatus282501d ago

Why are you ignoring your 3DS?

Soul Hackers, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Monster Hunter 3U, Castlevania Mirror of Fate, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Etrian Odyssey IV, Starship Damrey, Minis on the Move etc. just came out.

But I bet your Vita isn't getting ignored which got one game in the past months.

chrispseuphoria2501d ago

There was no mention of the Vita in previous comments...


truechainz2501d ago


clearly you have never seen a Mika comment before

Theyellowflash302501d ago

LOL! Mika stop with the Bullshit! You anit got a 3DS. And you butthurt you can't play this on Sony's machine.

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rytlok2501d ago

looks amazing can't wait