Extra Punctuation The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

"Sometimes it seems like next-gen is trying to appeal to an audience that doesn't exist. Like they've concocted their own idea of who they want using their consoles, and are just hoping that some combination of loyalty and peer pressure will force the actual user base to transform into those people. They dream of a phantom demographic of attractive young people with spacious living rooms, who are all so psychotically needy that they need to be in constant Skype contact and posting endless streams of Facebook updates in order to be accepted by their equally good-looking friends. Physically active and somehow capable of enjoying motion controls, but simultaneously so bone idle that they want all their entertainment devices integrated into one that they can use without leaving their seat."

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GDDR6_20142507d ago

All these Sony fanboys getting a hard on on the rumor that ps4 is 50% more powerful than xbone, why are they not called ps4 elitists? They act like pc elitists... Except their rig is only 50% more powerful

zerocrossing2507d ago

Well, it's not like Xbox fanboys would'nt do the same if the Xbone where more powerful than the PS4.

I'm not saying it's right either way but in this petty bickering over plastic boxes we call "the console war" boasting over superior hardware is to be expected.