Xbox One's biggest mistake was showing too much

The criticism aimed at the Xbox One since its reveal last Tuesday only goes to show how smart Sony was to keep its launch event in February fairly light on details.
Consumers should be ready to keep an open mind until the finished product is available to try out - but the more you tell people, it seems, the more faults they'll find

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Corpser2501d ago

Yep should have just said it "can play used games" and "can go offline" and leave it at that just like Sony, leave out the details

xHeavYx2501d ago

Showing too much stuff that's not related to games, other than sports, the COD dog, and the "amazing new AI fish"

yugovega2501d ago

super mario 64 confirmed to be next gen tech by activision. lol classic. nintendo was just ahead of their time with that ai. it wasn't needed until cod needed it.

Maddens Raiders2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Unfortunately, xbone's biggest mistake developed in the scope and purpose phase of the kit, long before this reveal took place.

MS has essentially taken their user base for granted and is basically shoving TV, ESPN, NFL, COD and KINECT cake down their throats, not to mention sacrificing precious computing power for better /games/ by trying to make the system the "all living room box". The fallout be damned.

famoussasjohn2501d ago

I can live with ESPN and NFL, Kinect and TV I just can't hop on the train with. I won an Xbox with Kinect from work, the Kinect just sits there unpackaged. The TV portion I just don't care about. All I care about are games and the occasional Netflix. I understand where there heads at, but it's not what the main users want.

For competition players, for example, COD championships. You mean to tell me they have to have a Kinect plugged in at all times in order for the console to be playable? That's asinine.

DonFreezer2501d ago

Have you thought that people who don't have big cash on their hands especially in those hard times will prefer the cheaper box witch by specs only seems to be the One.

famoussasjohn2501d ago

Because everyone prefers vague responses. /s

Godmars2902501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Finding out later about the online requirement and used games, say launch day, would have been how much better?

@Maddens Raiders:
More like rather than using online multiplayer as excuse to pay for XBL, its now going to be the TV features.

Which they apparently plan on making money from in several ways.

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GribbleGrunger2501d ago

I suggest people watch both conferences again because today is getting weird.

Gr812501d ago

What you are saying, author, is that the biggest mistake M$ made was being upfront about their consoles direction. And you are instead saying M$ should have taken Sony's approach which you imply means saving the bad news for a later date as to not receive internet backlash.

I think both reveals were lame and the lack of forthcoming from Sony is quite shady. And M$'s direction with many policies are a huge reach, and now they are muddying up the info and spinning like a merry-go-round..Its entertaining but very dishonest.

wishingW3L2501d ago

showing too much TV and Sports was the mistake. And then that Phil Harrison interview where he confirmed the DRM only made things worse.

Nodoze2501d ago

Phil Harrison is actually a double agent. He is doing this on purpose to sabotage the xBone launch. He will soon be back at Sony.


bunt-custardly2501d ago

Article contradicts itself by saying MS showed too much, then goes on to positively talk about all the features that MS showed.

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The story is too old to be commented.