The Battle for Online Superiority Gets Serious

As the takeover war of Yahoo by Microsoft continues to rage, one thing is clear: The battle for superiority in online advertising and online services just got more serious. Yahoo is the second-largest global online network of integrated services, with more than 500 million users worldwide. Microsoft is the world's largest software company, with more than US$51 billion in annual revenues and an estimated 90 percent share of the desktop market. This has all the makings of creating a new powerhouse in the technology market, with far-reaching implications for both the enterprise and consumers. It is also fraught with high risks.

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TheTerminator3862d ago

How could it have estimated 90% if Apple had 14%?

I must prevent somebody from preventing the merger, they WILL work together to create AI that could run defence systems, and the military will be stupid enough to alow it

braane3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Even though I did use some of your information while writing about this story in my blog, Microsoft doesnt hold anywhere near 90% of the operating system market. It is more like 65-70% assuming Apple holds about 15% and Unix holds about 15% and other open source like free BSD hold somewhere around 1-5% Microsoft holds about 65-70%. My numbers could be a little off that was just a rough estimation I am sure it is possible they hold less than what I estimated. for more on my comments

General Pinky3862d ago

It would mean better service... and sice i like yahoo for god knows how will be a sweet deal...and let me tell you..i dont like the way google is going about this matter...i did not like them berfore and i dont now.

mirroredderorrim3862d ago

If Microsoft absorbs Yahoo... good and bad.