Ubisoft’s Alex Hutchinson on why E3 will be all about games for Xbox One

Edge:Last week’s Xbox One reveal event was for shareholders and the mainstream, but E3 will be all about games, says Ubisoft Montreal’s Alex Hutchinson.

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ltachiUchiha2497d ago

Hope so, my 360 been dying for a new exclusive.

sengoku2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

well after that s***storm do they dare to show anything ells.

ltachiUchiha2497d ago

Honestly i think their done with the 360 & we wont see any new core games for it because they will stick with xbox one & have kinect go to both.

amiga-man2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

With their anti consumer policies I don't give a toss what games they show until they change their DRM plans etc as well as paying for online the xbox one has no interest to me.

AngelicIceDiamond2497d ago

The Xbox One will be stealing all the exclusives from 360. And Ryse was one of them.

Munky2497d ago

For MS's sake, the games better be absolutely mind blowing.

DonFreezer2497d ago

For Sony's shake the games better be mind blowing.

kenshiro1002497d ago

Has nothing to do with Sony. Off topic.

syphon322497d ago

Their not going to be and Sony doesn't have anything to worry about at this point.

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Dno2497d ago

Man the media is soooo biased. If Sony released that fail of a reveal the media would be KILLING them. instead the fans are killing the xbox and the media is loving this big ass DVR box. lmao!

The fans are loving the ps4 yet all the media cares about is seeing the box......

Man Gaming is for kids run by kids andthats just sad

goldwyncq2497d ago

Could you please be more coherent? I didn't get what you just said at all.

Software_Lover2497d ago

............... WTF have you been reading?

christian hour2497d ago

I thought the "why" was pretty self explanatory, Microsoft said E3 would be all about the games, why is this even still in doubt that we need someone from Ubisoft telling us what we already know? As long as they don't all look as terrible as CODGhosts, and those new IP's arent mostly Kinect titles, I think microsoft might recover from last weeks fiasco. All I'm saying is they have a lot of convincing to do if they're going to see a penny from me next gen.

Hercules1892497d ago

I have no idea why they used ghosts as a representation of xbox one, cod has always had crap graphics since after cod 4. They couldve had epic or a gameplay for ryse or someone that is known for graphics because we all know that one is capable of a lot lot more than ghosts right.

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