Zumba Fitness World Party, Coming This Fall To Xbox One, Wii U, Kinect for Xbox 360 And Wii

Majesco Entertainment Company, publisher of the Zumba Fitness video game franchise that has now sold more than nine million copies worldwide, announced today that Zumba Fitness World Party is expected to launch this October on Kinect for Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii, and later this year on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

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Lucreto2504d ago

Odd there is no PS3 or PS4 version.

Well it is not like Sony will be missing out on this AAA title.

-Mika-2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The market for these games is not on Sony platforms. Nintendo and MS has the casual audience.

@ Neonridr

And look at how badly that game flopped. Even with all the promotion and advertising sony did. It just did not sell So like I originally said. The casual audience isn't on Sony systems.

Neonridr2504d ago

Because Sony was targeting the hardcore crowd with the Wonderbook eh Mika? It's no wonder you have 1 bubble. Casual audiences make you money too.

jcnba282504d ago

Then what are games like little big planet, lbp karting, modnation racers, wonderbook targeted at? Hardcore gamers?

BABY-JEDI2504d ago

I have seen Zumba in action...... Please, please keep this away from the PS brand!!!

Neonridr2504d ago

I agree it's odd they don't mention either platform. Was the previous Zumba game released on the PS3?

Lucreto2504d ago

Zumba Fitness: Join the Party was the only one on PS3.

jcnba282504d ago

But sony will still lose a lot of sales. These games sale like hotcakes.

ape0072504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

because PSmove flopped, so yeah

PigPen2504d ago

If Sony want all gamers to consider their console they will need to open up to the casuals. This will never sell on Sony's console because the casuals get drowned out by the core gamers. A casual will fill uncomfortable playing a game like this on a PS and talking openly about it without being laughed at. Microsoft is trying to open up with Kinect while Sony fans laugh and dismiss it. You might not buy/play this game but it prevent a casual to even consider a PS purchase.

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yugovega2504d ago

xbox one will now turn to cooking shows once you finish your workout to show you how to cook healthy. thanks ms. its the little things that gamers love/s

BLow2504d ago

What's the point of Sony even releasing another PSEye if these types of games are not even on it. Yes, this is a casual games but a sell is a sell and that's more money. Maybe when they officially announce the Eye and show what it can do then more companies will show there support. I know some people may not like these types of games but there is a market for them. The point is Sony needs to make sure that there is no reason why someone would go to the competition because they have all the games(whatever hardcore or casual) covered. That's all I'm saying....trying to remain somewhat sensitive to the Fanboys with this post...haha