Selvaria and Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles Make a Sexy Comeback in Chaos Online

Sega is bringing back the two heroines from Valkyria Chronicles, including a rather saucy version, in the MOBA Chaos Online.

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ashiksorel2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

It is nice to see that Sega hasn't completely forgotten about the series and it's characters. It is still a shame about Valkyria Chronicles 3 in the West.

Hope the international version of this game gets them.

Abriael2497d ago

I'm not sure if using them to make bank on a F2P game doesn't qualify as having forgotten them, unfortunately...

ashiksorel2497d ago

Such a complicated affair...

It does seem like they are just milking money off the franchise by selling specific rights of certain characters, instead of giving the actual series the proper treatment it deserves.

wantonGamer2497d ago

Wow, thanks for turning two of my favorite female soldiers into skanks. Don't do this to Rosie or it's on like DK.

ScubbaSteve2497d ago

I'd pay 60$ to see a sexy comeback in another VC game for the consoles.

Abriael2497d ago

you and me as well. If only they'd publish an HD remake of VC2 and 3 on PS3 and PS Vita, I'd pay 60 bucks for them without a single second of hesitation.

ScubbaSteve2497d ago

I'm gonna be honest tho, I'd pay 80$ if they left out the flying pig.

Abriael2497d ago

As long as I'd get it, I'd be happy with flying pigs, donkeys, leprechauns... whatever :D

Hicken2497d ago

Alicia's boobs weren't that big.

Oh, well. I was always a fan of the Darcsen ladies, anyway.

And Marina. Mmm, solitary sniper chick....

C'mon, Sega. What are you waiting for with VC3???