The New Xbox One Will be a “Monitoring Device Under the Guise of a Gaming Console”

Article related to the XBOX One and its function in your living room.

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FrigidDARKNESS3473d ago

This has been debunked and a similar article like this was already posted.

Blaze9293472d ago

dumb articles like this need to be taken down. Just fills consumers with information and fears that are not true. If people start believing this because of some unknown blog and author - then what?

The internet PERIOD, is one big monitoring device. Get with it.

Enemy3472d ago

Debunked by the same Microsoft that requires Internet for snooping.

3-4-53472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

The thing with Microsoft and windows is that Windows can be hacked and viruses unleashed....

which is why people get spyware for their PC's....

How do we know this won't happen with XB1 ?

I just want to play games. I want my own unique experience that I don't HAVE to share with anybody else across the country or world.

Create a gaming world and let me experience it my as many ways as I can think/want.

Snookies123472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Didn't both Australia and Germany classify it as a surveillance device though? Not approving of this article or anything, just saying...

kneon3472d ago

I thought they had only expressed concern about it so far.

While it certainly has the capability to be used for surveillance I think the issue is overblown.

stage883472d ago

This HAS NOT been debunked.

Just because MS give a vague reason for it not being a surveillance camera does not make it true. Lies.

This thing will never enter my house.

Blaze9293472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

so, if Microsoft (the manufactures of the device) says something...and you dismiss it, it's still lies? Yep, seems like legit logic. Because if they themselves won't tell you the truth, someone else definitely will.


Ausbo3472d ago

you guys are all idiots. There is no way microsoft would implement something that can spy on you. The camera can be turned off.

Let me guess all you sony fanboys, you also believe 9/11 was done by the U.S government and Bigfoot and the Yetti roam the forest.

These articles are pure garbage

Tyre3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

@frigid Darkness and all other gamers. How debunked? Never in the history of mankind has a company or a government been so bold to introduce a 3D Biometric scanner/Voice profiling device into the living rooms of people.
The last bastion of freedom. People must be retarded to do this voluntarily.
Nobody asked for this and data traffic monitoring on the internet is something entirely different.
Do you really trust a greedy company to respect your privacy? With this device it will lead to abuse, that's a given basic law. This device gives them to much power.
You can tell the difference between VISUALLY seeing your behaviour in your residence and web browsing data?
I'm not talking about Facebook here (cause your still in control what you put on there and your living room isn't scanned everytime you go on there).
Privacy is a result of hunderds of years of struggle and trial & error by people. It is not ours mess with.
It is the result of lessons learned by history and what is best for the common good and to live in some sort of decency.
The amount of civilisation of a society is measured by it's prisoners.
Learn your history instead of taking everything for granted. Privacy is a human right and companies should be ashamed on trying to break into this last hard earned privilige of the people. When do you loose all your privacy including your living space? In prison or in a communist totalitarian country, like the DDR.
Yes if we buy into this, we will make our living spaces into prisons.
I can't fíng believe how ignorant you guys are and how easy you seem to give your rights away for your games addiction. I'm an Xbox gamer and PS gamer and i'm not saying this out of any fan motives. And this discussion trancends flamebait or fanboyism, stupid that people try to make it look like a fan argument.

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GameCents3473d ago

What is this?? So now every xbox one article will come with a personalised headline that reflects the submitters feelings?
What the H?

Hicken3471d ago

Um... I'm pretty sure that's why it's labeled as "opinion piece."

And, if it IS the submitter's feelings, then the submitter also wrote the article, whose title is identical.

jaredhart3472d ago

I don't want anything to do with it. Last generation I had a 360, PS3 and Wii. This Generation I'll be fine with just a PS3.

famoussasjohn3472d ago

I have a sale going on 2 tin foil hats for the price of one!

pompombrum3472d ago

Ironic really, I also have a sale going on, special made grass with sheep in mind, want to buy some?

kneon3472d ago

But kinect has a camera,you will want the full body tinfoil suit ;)

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