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Shack News: "Shinji Mikami has quite a background in survival horror games, having created the Resident Evil series, then turning the genre on its ear with RE4 in 2005. So when he said he wanted his newest title, The Evil Within, to bring the survival horror genre back to its heyday with a solid blend of action and horror, we were curious to see how he would do it. After seeing the first 15 minutes of gameplay from Mikami's Tango Gameworks studio, the game as it stands is a bit more ho-hum than scary."

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CLOUD19832499d ago

I find it stupid to show the good scary moments so early because as it happen with all scary scenes it's all about the first time (example the dogs who come through the windows in RE), but other than a few scenes created with the sole purpose to startle u a little what I expect from this game is to have the right atmosphere, a game can be scary by just let u explore something silently.

The original RE have that kind of atmosphere who create tension, for some1 who never play RE before it was impossible to play it alone in the dark for extended period of time, & the remake on Wii upgrade that atmosphere & make u more tense with small touches here & there like thunder noises from time to time, air & branches hit the windows & other.

So yeah I want scary moments & atmosphere from this game, Mikami do your best & surprise us in a good way!

JAM_brz2499d ago

Thats what I like. My paints is ready

fardan852499d ago

I hope we will get a true successor to Resident Evil. Survival Horror needs a new IP, a leader if I can say.
The gamer who tried the old RE titles knows what we are missing in these days which are filled with shooters, sports..etc