The Evil Within is gruesome, intense and surreal | GameZone preview

GameZone writes, 'The Evil Within has managed to generate quite a buzz since Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks released the cinematic trailer for the game a few weeks back. That trailer was undoubtedly impressive and worthy of getting totally stoked over. It set the tone for what could be a great survival horror game from genre legend Shinji Mikami. I recently got an extended look at Evil Within during a Bethesda media event, and while the game wasn't playable, several minutes of gameplay were showcased and helped paint a clear, definite picture of what players can expect.'

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PigPen3473d ago

I didn't know there was a trailer. I have to find it.

MilkMan3473d ago

All these years and I'm still waiting for this so called survival horror genre to be invented. This may do it, but it remains to be seen. I've played so many of these types of games and none of them has so much as giving me goosebumps. Just a lot of noise (or lack thereof) and silly jump-at-you enemies.
I liked RE6, at least they kept it real and got rid of all that "survival horror" LMFAO...

Anyway, lets see if this is like pee in my pants scary or another me-too game trying to make good on a marketing term.

Kurylo3d3473d ago

You mean reinvented? Clearly there is no survival horror these days. People make games for children to be action packed and always something to shoot.

Survival horror games of the past were for people with patience, who put limits on the player like lack of ammo and a creepy feeling that somethings going to run up on u ...

MilkMan3473d ago

Well on that front, yes. But I've never been scarred when playing any game that was supposed to be this way. I've played it all, at night and day with volume on/off doesn't matter.
Now, I've seen some movies that were creepy and scary, but I've yet to find that game experience on any platform. This includes PC's

Kurylo3d3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

curious what movies u find creepy or scary? And to that effect why did u find them creepy or scary? Did you put urself in the characters shoes? Why cant u do that in a game? I cant seem to feel scared for any so called horror movie these days. Only game that has made me feel any kind of fear was resident evil 2. Original RE as well.