New PS4 poster reads "Incredible Games, Limitless Play"

The new PS4 poster features images of the PS4 exclusive titles Driveclub and Knack.

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xHeavYx3472d ago

Glad to see games instead of TV stuff or "next gen fish AI"

Kevin ButIer3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

the fish and the dog tech is so hilarious... MS should sue Activision for such a mediocre message

Bathyj3472d ago

Next gen fish AI is this gens giant enemy crab.

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merciless3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Guys let's hope Drive Club and Knack are part of the standard bundle or at least one of the ps4 bundle options.


sinncross3472d ago

I think either of the 4 games they showed could be bundles, and I think they will bundle different games for different regions.

I do hope DriveClub gets bundled. Could be a nice alternate to GT but the game seems to specialise in club racing and for that to work, lots of people are going to need the game.

cant wait for e3... I think sony is going to rock!

killacal133472d ago

They have no true competition, they will rock E3 and every major event this year. Much love to Nintendo aswell.

Tokyo_reject3472d ago

Pics of console and games....or didnt happen.

wishingW3L3472d ago

I like the part about "limitless". ;)

coolmast3r3472d ago

Oh yeah, it seems they're actually listening =)

BABYLEG3472d ago

Funny how Sony says limitless, everyone like it. MS says infinite power of the cloud everyone hates it.

enjoy your mediocre online experience 3 gens in a row PS4'ers

Clarence3472d ago

Enjoy watching halo TV and fantasy football. M$ spent a lot of money TV instead of games.

Snookies123472d ago

The reason people like "limitless" being said by Sony is because it implies that there will be no DRM. Of course people will like that, you'd be an idiot not to.

No one said anything about hating on Microsoft's cloud. It's a good thing they have so much cloud power. No one is disputing that's a positive point in their favor. However, they messed up big time at their reveal, so people are naturally still angry about that. Gamers wanted to see games, and they hardly got anything from that.

For your information as well, I played on Xbox Live Gold for about 2 years online. I also played on my PS3 for years online. I found both experiences just fine, with both the 360 and PS3 having hiccups at times. There was no notable difference on a variety of games I tried.

Monkeysmarts3472d ago

Anyone with even a slightly objective mind can understand the differing inference of each phrase.

So what is your idea of mediocre online experience? Having a reliable network with free access to play games online with friends or a multitude of complete strangers? If you used PSN maybe you would know it's not mediocre and hasn't been for *years* now. Early COD DLC and cross game chat are literally the only gaming relevant advantages Live has over PSN.

You sound like someone getting paid by Microsoft to play video games. I have owned and extensively played both 360 and PS3. 360 fell off big time in the last 2-3 years and PS3 has been pushing out great game after great game in that timeframe. Pull yourself out of the corporate glory hole.

killacal133472d ago

Enjoy paying to pay, and all that good stuff youre spoonfed,.

Campy da Camper3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Well, considering I typically play single player games then I could give a rats ass. When I do go online, guess what? Its free!

So, as you pay for access to internet and apps you are already paying your ISP for, and as you have kinect watching your every move I will be playing Infamous Second Son, a new Uncharted maybe pop in a new Little Big Planet for some platforming fun.

I await the hacked you tube video of you in your recliner wearing Doritios stained man panties.

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