Amazon France Lists Multiple New PS Vita Bundles for Killzone: Mercenary, MotoGP 2013, More

We don’t quite know what happened at Amazon France to warrant all this, but the retailer went absolutely nuts with listings, pricing the PS4 console and PS4 games, while also listing new PS Vita bundles. - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2506d ago

If any of these are right, there needs to be some sort of exclusive colors/artwork on the system itself.

Minato-Namikaze2506d ago

I want a limited edition console like the FF& advent children PS3 that had cloud's symbol on it. I want one like that with VS or maybe one like they had for Tales of xillia.

dbjj120882506d ago

Nice. Hopefully one game can get people to jump on the system.

Baylex2506d ago

MotoGP.. Well.. time so save some money, cause I'm gonna get it!!! :D