Resident Evil Creator's New Game Reeks of Resident Evil | Kotaku

Kotaku: "Is it stealing if Shinji Mikami steals from Shinji Mikami? Ponder that as you ponder the idea that Mikami, whose last Resident Evil was the last Resident Evil that was widely loved, is making a new game that will ring the bell of anyone who played Resident Evil 4.

They're calling this new one The Evil Within."

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Chuk52506d ago

Maybe now we'll get a good one on consoles again?

WeAreLegion2506d ago

I can't wait! We haven't even touched the surface of what we can do with interactive horror! Fatal Frame and Eternal Darkness messed with our heads, but there is still so much we can do!

yugovega2506d ago

I can't wait to hear what all systems this will officially launch on. this one could sell me on whatever platform it comes to.

twinspectre2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

this game look's Amazing.
Damn i miss Survival Horror

Foxgod2506d ago

It reminds me more of Silent Hill, but with the original Resident Evil gameplay style.

In other words, it will ROCK!

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