Gran Turismo 6: Racing Around Silverstone | IGN

Visually, the game’s on another level.

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3470d ago
PANTHER10303470d ago

Amazing game first day for me!

Iceman_Nightmare3470d ago

I want a very deep car customization for GranTurismo 6, and hope the game focuses a bit more on drifting and drift cars and tracks... because what I did more in GranTurismo 5, drift here and drift there

ethomaz3470d ago

If the deep car customization you mean customization that change the driving of the car then I agree... but I don't give a cent for cosmetics customizations.

More drifting are welcome ;)

Iceman_Nightmare3470d ago

Yes, that is exactly what I meant

PR_FROM_OHIO3470d ago

The King is back!!!! Can't wait for this GT5 was pure epic with my Logitech racing wheel!!!!!

izumo_lee3470d ago

Polyphony Digital’s baby has had to fight to maintain its self-ascribed title as the “real racing simulator”.

Ummm, Gran Turismo doesn't describe itself as a 'real racing simulator' is 'real DRIVING simulator'. Driving is the core of the game since it was born 15 years ago.

Those of you who will come here & compare Forza to GT cause that's what many of you here do, need to stop comparing. It's like comparing Flight Simulator to say Ace Combat. Sure one of them is more 'fun' but the other will make you better. Forza is fun but GT will make you a better driver.

I can't wait to see GT6 in action & judging from the reactions at GTplanet of those who has had a taste of it. GT6 will be a worthy addition to the GT family.

Killustrious3470d ago

So...a video game will make you a better driver??

raytraceme3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Ask the people from gran turismo academy and you will find out that it has happened. Funny story though

SOD_Delta3470d ago

I believe GT academy proved that.

PANTHER10303470d ago

Of course, driving is a daily activity and GT is a nice form to test your skills.

Killustrious3470d ago

I just don't see how using a controller could help you become a better driver. Maybe a driving wheel with a shifter/pedal but not just a DualShock.

izumo_lee3470d ago

Well as people below have said the GT academy program has proved how Gran Turismo can make one a better driver. Lucus Ordonez is a champion driver & a big endorser of the GT game.

The best way to play GT or any driving game is to use a wheel. A controller can do just as well by having the player know when to brake or accellerate but nothing compares to a wheel.

kingPoS3470d ago

I learned how to time my shifts better to avoid redlining.

Excessive redlining in real life will only lead to bitter tears.

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MajorLazer3470d ago

I have put many, many hours into both GT5 and Forza 4 and I can tell you're talking out of your a**. Despite this, GT6 day one :D

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