Western Australia police silent on charges for 17-year-old hacker

Dylan Wheeler, 17, was bailed following an interview with detectives on Monday, said Sgt. Gerry Cassidy, media liaison officer. Wheeler has been charged with at least four computer-related offenses, he said.

Wheeler claimed in February that he had breached the developer networks of Microsoft and Sony, extracting the software development kits for two forthcoming consoles, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4.

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SpinalRemains2502d ago

Of course theyre silent. SuperDaE dead man switched all the personal data of said authorities. From penis size to cholesterol to marital infidelity to bank acct data.

This kid has the continent on lockdown.

Or so I hear, and stuff.

M-M2502d ago

What the heck did I just read.

NameRemoved00172502d ago

So either way this kids going to eventually leak the Xbox one/Ps4 tools he copyed.

a_bro2502d ago

As I said earlier, he's not having a good "dae".... I'll give him some credit though, we wouldn't be talking about this used game controversy between the two console manufacturers if it weren't for him.

ACESupERIC2502d ago

If a 17 year old hacker can get into MS and sonys systems and take information so closely guarded, wait til someone with more years behind a keyboard starts on the kinect.