The Last of Us Season Pass Includes 3 DLC Packs With ‘More Story’ and ‘More Maps’ for $19.99

We received a picture for the Season Pass of the game, giving us an overview of everything that we can expect for our $19.99.

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Wizziokid2497d ago

already pre-ordered mine, now I just want to see the MP

blitz06232497d ago

If online passes are really gone, then I hope these "Season passes" follow.

MestreRothN4G2497d ago

Online passes were gone because something worse will replace it. I thought xbone made it pretty clear.

JKelloggs2497d ago

I don't see what's bad with season passes? It gives you a discount for buying DLC in bulk..

But I see what's bad with DLC, DLC these days is overpriced and not worth while

InactiveUser2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

What's bad is that the game hasn't even released yet and they already know there will be at least 3 DLC packs. Meaning they are shipping an incomplete game. DLC is BS, now the wait is on for the GotY / Complete edition.

Now instead of a $5 "online pass", it's a $20-50 "season pass" or "premium (battlefield) / elite (cod)".

The only DLC I've bought were the Resistance: Fall of Man map packs, which were legitimately made after the game released.. and they were only $2.99 each (and eventually free).

blitz06232497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Planned DLC is as BS as Capcom's on-disc DLC. It means the developer intentionally left out content. I don't care if it's ND or that they are trying to support a game after its release. I understand the map packs part since they are completely optional to MP players, but anything story related that is being sold for extra means they are preventing everyone from enjoying the full experience.

ScepticTankAvenger2497d ago

Why would you want the Season Passes gone? They don't force you to buy it. And they usually save you a bit of money.

SecondSon2496d ago

I dislike the idea of DLC on day one because I believe they should be on the disk. DLC should be additional work developers did after the project was finished and the game was released.

However don't fool yourself most of the DLC we have today no matter when it was released MUST have been planned prior to the start of the game development.

Why o why2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

This is where pc gaming wins. Us console gamers gave up a part of our gaming souls once we accepted pre planed priced dlc.

Remember unreal tournament. Free maps for years. Epic allegedly wanted to do the same with convinced them otherwise now it seems sony has allowed or persuaded their 1st/2nd party studios to do the same.... we need to toughen up and not just accept to the point we make excuses for it to happen.

I understand people should get paid for their extra work and ultimately we don't have to buy any dlc but give em an inch and they'll take a mile(activision and co)

Consoles closed off structure makes user generated content harder to implement but it is possible. UT on consoles had ugc on the ps3 but not on xbox because I hear ms wouldn't allow it for free. Some may say it was a deal struck with sony...Judging from experience though, I would guess the prior.

(When I say ugc I mean things that expand the game like maps or tracks not skins like forza or modnation racers)

papashango2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Remember a few years back when the defense for DLC was "well just skip lunch for a day or two"

Ya Now you're gonna have to skip lunch for a week every time a new game comes out.

Keep on supporting the DLC scam. I don't buy into it as I'm a pc gamer and use mods when I can. But I can't wait to see how much they screw you guys over.

@why oh why

Just as a brief history lesson at least on the PC side. Back then devs like EPIC, DICE, and ID put out new maps not only as a thank you to their fans but because there were straight rivalries between dev houses. Quake, Unreal, CS, hell even CoD and Battlefield all offered free maps to try and up each other and claim as much of the fps crowd as possible.

Not so much nowadays now that Sony and M$ act as the mediators. There is no sense of competition anymore. Probably another reason why the FPS genre has gone stale.

Valve still offers free content in CS and TF2 even before it went F2P btw.

yami9302496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I like season passes (unless its Capcom DLC) except for annual release games (Assassins Creed, Call of Duty) its just really pre-ordering the DLC, it gives them the money to develop it, shows how many people are interested to maybe make more, and it keeps the game interesting (especially with this game having SP and MP DLC). DLC is not bad itself, its the way developers / publishers abuse it these days. The best DLC come in expansion packs in my opinion, like Battlefield having new maps, weapons, vehicles, modes and more for a good price. Lastly DLC does not mean we are getting an incomplete game (unless its Capcom again, sometimes EA where its on disc or day one mountains of DLC) its content (or supposed to be) that is made or being made after the game has gone gold and is already being printed on discs, so its extra for the fans (Naughty Dog knows how to do it seeing from Uncharted, and I also personally feel WarHawk and Burnout Paradise handled DLC very well, arguably the best way but giving almost the same amount of free DLC as paid, that way everyone gets something and it keeps the game going even better). Unfortunately anything that gets abused ends up getting such a bad name and becomes the worst idea to be thought of :/ Free is best, mix of free + pay is very good, paid can go from good and below.

pixelsword2496d ago

More Story?

WTFudgenuggets?! No wonder a lot of people say that Blu-Ray isn't needed this gen when this crap should be on the disc ready to play.

No buy for me.

fr0sty2496d ago

This is an interesting new way to market DLC... Much like how sites like Amazon let you buy entire seasons of a TV series for a set amount, this pretty much does the same thing with DLC. I kinda like it.

BluEx6102496d ago

Just pre-ordered the Survival Edition. Guess I'm going to have to get the Season Pass as well. Glad there's more content coming at least. $20 is a lot but for 3 DLC packs it's not too bad. Better than CoD's $15 and "here's 3 maps" that should've been in there from launch. I do got to say, I kind of hate it when DLC launches like so soon after game release. Makes it seem like they left out content just to make more money. Either way I'm stoked for TLoU, I rarely get DLC, but this one's an exception.

sjaakiejj2496d ago


Your comment is a classical case of ignorance. If the developer didn't have a clear plan on the future of their product ahead of launch, they'd be a poor business. A business makes decisions, sets milestones, goals and update schedules years in advance. None of that means that any of the content was kept away from the game, it just means that they have a plan to increase revenue by developing additional features or content for the game post-release.

ltachiUchiha2496d ago


The difference is this is worth it because its from a dev team that has a great track record & I dont blame great devs for doing this because their games dont tend to sell like COD games so this is a great way to help them get more cash for delivering an awesome game & besides, its not like were being forced to buy it anyway. U can thank those who started all this and succeeded with it. This is why I say microsoft making you pay for xbl & being a success will only lead to other companies wanting to do the same. Its not about who starts following these tactics, its how it all started & came to be.

Pro Racer2496d ago

Anyone remember the days of Halo 2 DLC? Back when you only had to pay for it if you wanted early access, and after only a month or two each pack was made free for everyone - now nearly every major game release has a Season Pass. Oh how far we've come...

badz1492496d ago

but I'm in no way in support for Season Pass or DLC planned pre-released! never have bought any of them and won't likely change!

I don't like the fact that I'm already paying for contents yet to be delivered! not for this and not for any other games out there! If I like the DLC, I'll buy it and here's hoping for something like InFamous 2 Festival of Blood kinda thing (hey, I can dream, right?) for the story DLC part! or...I'll just wait and get them all bundled later for a better price!

Perjoss2496d ago

Vote with your wallets, obviously the core game will be awesome so buy it, but if you stop buying DLC they will stop making it. I really miss the good old days where devs would make a great game then give the franchise a rest for a year or 2 then start making a great sequel.

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ssj272497d ago

Those who disagree with dlc been a bad thing are clearly eater stupid or pr workers from corporations .. or have stock on this corporations .. any is equally sad.

Dlc should be free, it will increases the game value, it will give you a reason to keep it and not return it, it will not break the community in two or 3 parts, it will give the full experience to every user and a higher chance to like the game even more, we will not have situations in where I buy a dlc maps and after a week I could not play it any more because noone is...
expansion packs should not be free, that I agree because is real full extra content.

Look how greedy Sony was and I hope they change thwt, Socom4 did not have classic mode which is the most stupid thing to do since everyone buy that game to play socom and they release a dlc with that mode and force everyone to buy it.. total selfishness and greediness .. it's sad and no wonder millions of fans end up raging on the game and Sony still own us socom fans a huge one.

Kyosuke_Sanada2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Finally someone is making sense. Developers wants to "fight" against use games but makes titles not only short as hell but only has pre-order DLC available in Gamestop.

The logic is baffling.

travelguy2k2496d ago

I think therein lies the solution for used games. First time buyers have access to all DLC for free, if you buy used you must pay for DLC.

fr0sty2496d ago

There are legitimate reasons to sell additional content after a game is released. The development times for these AAA games keeps growing, and when you have deadlines and tight budgets you can't always squeeze in the content you wanted to in time. Some levels may get cut, etc.

This offers a way for that content to not wind up on the cutting room floor. There is no doubt that some developers have abused this, such as Capcom selling DLC that was already on the game disc, but that doesn't mean that is the case every time. Even selling pre-orders for DLC is fine by me, as long as that DLC is not available day and date alongside the game itself. That shows they purposely withheld content from the game disc to sell for an additional fee.

rainslacker2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I have no problem with planned DLC(stuff built after the main game is finished but known it would be made), which is supplemental to the original game. It's been in the industry for quite some time, even before this gen, and even before that in the form of expansion packs.

Map packs don't bother me either, so long as there is enough content in the original to make it worth the purchase. Team fortress had plenty of map packs for instance.

Day one DLC though is troublesome. Like "From Ashes" in ME3. So obviously cut out of the main game, only to get that extra money from the die hard fans. It added a lot to the original game, and offered a lot of lore and back story, but when it's so obviously integrated into the original game, there is no way to argue that it was not cut from the original. That kind of thing I don't like.

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blennerville2496d ago

one would be foolish to buy.
UC3 season pass anyone - im still waiting for the 4th map pack.

and i didnt even want any of the other dlc stuff apart from the maps - was not worth it.

it will create a clusterf**k with matchmaking and lag and some people wont ever get to play on the maps the payed for.

- you would think NaughtyDog would have learned, but i guess their goal now is just mo mobey mo money moo money.

two thing are for sure - ND are not who they were in 2009 and i wont be buying a new copy of TLOU

BoNeSaW232496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

I agree with your first 3 sentences.

Yes, labeling The Fort co-op adventure as a map pack was slimy, I still enjoyed it a lot though.

Also, you know if Naughty Dog was just after 'moo money' they would of re skinned Jak for a quick pay day instead they give us a unique and amazing looking IP 'The Last of Us'

I will support them day one and purchase it brand new but I will not be participating in the season Pass.

blennerville2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

@ BoNeSaW23

i just cant support TLOU simply because of the way UC3 was handeled and the ignorant forum community feed back and stuff - they broke so many promises and will they actually release the new block mesh maps ???
it looks like they will be milking TLOU just as much.

also im just not sold on TLOU - i dont think it is as good as people say it is tbh, and i wouldnt put faith in reviews the likes of IGN for it - UC3 got scores far above what it deserved just because it was a BIG game by a BIG company.

hesido2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Games like Call of Duty can afford to put its multiplayer in segments, there are so many players to begin with, that even 10% of active players buy the DLC, that means hundreds of thousands of players to play the game with.

Games like TLOU should NOT fragment the user base!! Multiplayer DLC/map packs does exactly that. There will already be a limited amount of people playing the multiplayer. I agree with
blennerville's sentiments.

gintoki7772496d ago

So the last of us costs $80.00 if you want everything.

Number-Nine2496d ago

absolutely disgusting ND. there should NEVER be single player story DLC.

Bathyj2496d ago

I'd prefer to have more added to the campaign instead of just map packs for mindless shooting deathmatches one after the other.

As long as they're making them after the game is out and not intentionally leaving them out of the retail version.

I dont think ND are doing that. They already said they have lots of ideas to expand the TLoU universe and I'm fine with some of that coming in the form of DLC down the road.

This is not the same thing as locking a character on the disc in a fighting game.

elhebbo162496d ago

i dont mind story DLC AFTER they finish the game.

rainslacker2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Mass Effect 1 and 2 had excellent single player DLC for the most part. Single player DLC should never be stripped portions from the original game though(like from ashes for ME3). They should be created after the fact, and independent of the core game. It is OK to plan on making that content before hand though, just don't make it part of the core development process.

joe902496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Season Passes with day 1 DLC and unfinished story is OK now though, right?

GuyThatPlaysGames2496d ago

They are already ripping everyone off with $59.99+tax and adding on DLC because "we couldn't finish it in time/it wouldn't fit on the disc". What a waste to pay for extra content than can already be added to the game on release day.

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Sev2497d ago

Really difficult for the story to be even more interesting :)

Panthers2496d ago

Its interesting that theyve already planned DLC with more story before the game releases. That story should be included.

Conzul2496d ago

Oh come on, ND. This isn't you. WTF? Removing story and putting it as DLC?


Mr_Nuts2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Really, your adding more story into a season pass. Oh come on NaughtyDog you don't add story related things into a season pass, it's supposed to be for multiplayer. Not forcing people who enjoy a game because the story buy into it.

Sorry I know it's "ND" but when I buy into a game based around a great single player story I don't want to have to pay extra to enjoy the rest of it.

TrendyGamers2497d ago

Don't forget that BioShock Infinite's pass is single player related.

Mr_Nuts2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Well exactly, it's a thing which needs to stop. I don't mind multiplayer stuff, it offers people the chance who enjoy online gaming to get everything for cheaper. However they shouldn't add single player story stuff with it. If it was a single player game only like Elder Scrolls and they decided to offer a season pass to get all the single player DLC at a cheaper price, fair enough I'll bite but don't offer something single player related in a multiplayer focused pass when some people just want to enjoy the story.

rainslacker2496d ago

I think people are too quick to assume that this is stripped content for the original game. There is nothing that suggests that at this point. Mass Effect, Bioshock, GTA, and more had story related DLC released after the game came out. Mass Effect's "From Ashes" is the only one that was obviously stripped out of the original.

It baffles me that people are hating on ND for this. Never once in their history have they released a story based game that wasn't a complete story. Supplementing that story with new narrative is OK to me.

Blastoise2497d ago

Yep, it was BS for Bioshock Infinite and it's BS now.

Utalkin2me2497d ago

Sorry i would rather have a combination of both if the single player is good, which im pretty sure TLOU is going to be a good story. All of your DLC always focuses on multiplayer. I'm glad some of the Devs are focusing on single player a little more.

ginsunuva2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Maybe by story they mean some little "story" added into multiplayer like in UC3.
Not single player content.

Mr_Nuts2497d ago

They weren't really story elements though were they, especially the co-op adventures as everything in multiplayer was non cannon. Hell Eddie Raja, Flynn and Lazarevic were alive for starters.

jb2272497d ago

You know you don't have to buy the season pass to get at the story stuff don't you? A season pass is just a cheaper way to bundle ALL dlc for a game, but if you just want the story stuff, you can pay a lesser amount, (probably 10$ or so) to just get the story stuff....I don't understand people that are mad about the season pass, it's just a way for people who want everything to get it cheaper....I personally don't do multiplayer, so this isn't for me, but that doesn't lock us out of buying any future single player content

specialguest2496d ago

It's not the season pass people are not happy about. Regardless of paying for a pass or separately, it's the fact that TLOU has dlc for story mode even before the game is released. Day1 dlc for multiplayer is bad enough, but dlc for story mode is beyond bad because it easily screams incomplete game unless you pay extra.

rainslacker2496d ago


and where is it suggested that the story content is going to be day one? I mean I could understand the skepticism if it were, but this is a SEASON pass. That implies that this is for DLC that will release in the future. For the time being there is nothing to suggest that anything was stripped from the original game, and it's not like ND to do such a thing.

I could understand people's frustration over this if later down the line it became apparent, or it was day one, but it's not.

SegataSanshiro2496d ago

This site amazes me.... So I guess its ok and we shouldn't over react cause its ND doing it now huh? Everyone in this site is such a hypocrite, when other companies do it is evil, when something affiliated with Sony or they themselves do it, its A-okay.

jb2272495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )



this article spells it out that the studio is working on this dlc post-launch....things included in season passes rarely ever drop the same day, and a studio of naughty dog's pedigree would never hamper a game for something like this....if this is story dlc, and naughty dog has plainly stated that this is the ONLY story for joel & ellie, that if sequels happen they will involve separate characters, why would they put it out with this game? It muddles the message of the core game to have some rushed, tacked on extra single player stuff...beyond that, this dlc would have been something very recently conceived by nd, because they have stated in very certain terms as recently as a few months back that there will be no dlc. someone had a good idea and now nd are running with it....when i buy the last of us, i buy it for the story of joel & ellie...if i enjoy it (which is pretty much a given), then i will buy the story dlc a few months down the line when it is released....i get the frustration for some studios doing this in a haphazard manner, but to my knowledge, naughty dog has never released single player dlc, hence that no one has ever been burned by naughty dog in any fashion on this kind of issue, therefore it is a lot of frustration over ultimately nothing much....if you like the last of us & want to explore separate stories in the universe, buy the dlc, if you just want joel & ellies story, just buy the game....ultimately i guarantee naughty dog will ship the complete story when the last of us drops

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creatchee2497d ago

I'm buying it regardless, but it would be nice if companies actually waited until after a game is released to announce DLC for it - especially single player content.

Still - Naughty Dog does not disappoint and I think that this is one of those "anything more is even better" situations. Can't wait to get my hands on it soon!

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Wedge192497d ago

I'm going to hold off on this for the time being. I do want the story stuff, but not sure if I want to fork over money for the MP stuff that I don't know if I will play for long.