What's To Come: Bioshock 4: When, If, But, How?

What Lies Ahead For The Bioshock Universe, We Talk The Constants And Variables.

It’s early still, but no doubt gamers are pitching Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite as one of the games of the year. A compelling, thought provoking third instalment made sure that the industry watched 2K and Irrational Games closely. But, many forum contributors raise the question: “What’s next for Bioshock?”

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Mr_Nuts2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

To me (spoilers) the way they'll go with the next Bioshock is to visit another universe (another door) where the constants and variables about the lighthouse, the city and the man will come into play another way. Elizabeth did say that constants and variables can be different.

*** There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city ***

Whether or not Rapture was the original "door" or Columbia was we'll never know however I think Rapture was since it was the first game and how many tears around Columbia have allowed others to mimic the tec in Rapture. Now we just have to see this play out in another way

Maybe this city is on an island in the late 21st century mixing art deco with futuristic tec

A city hidden deep within massive cliffs/caves leading into the underground in the late 1800's

or maybe a space station in orbit or on the moon.

There's so many possibilities for Bioshock <add subtitle>

ThichQuangDuck2508d ago

I think they should do all of what you listed in DLC then End it. I remember my discussion with friends and I was the last one to beat it looking everywhere ended with this idea. That ending is definitive. Best way to possibly end it. To do another full game would be a cash grab to me. Ken Levine is already writing a new game not bioshock. They are working on DLC and taking their time to make it the best. I think that would be the best send off

ziggurcat2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

i disagree, it would only be a cash grab if they decided to release a bioshock once every year...

bioshock released in 2007
bioshock 2 released in 2010
bioshock infinite released in 2013

3 years seems about the right amount of time in between releases to me.

edit: 6 years, if you only count the ones that irrational was involved with...

ThichQuangDuck2508d ago


Wouldn't be a cash grab sorry let me reword. It would be stupid of them. The ending literally as literally I mean literally walked you through how they make the story. It was that ah ha moment of the connections. To do so again after showing that ending would be non sensical to me. I find that to be my favorite ending from any media and feel it is one that could only be accomplished in gaming

JW10802508d ago

Is it just me or does the story seem a bit confusing. The ending in Infinite had me scratching my head a little bit. I loved Infinite and the other two Bioshock's by the way. I just feel stories in video games could improve vastly if they just make the stories less complex and more clear cut and to the point. A narrative you understand one-hundred percent! But leaves you clamoring for more.

ThichQuangDuck2508d ago

If you want a simple story buy a simple game rather than asking for a thought provoking game to change to meet your interest. I understand your confusion,but that is the point it leads to discussion and people QUESTIONING EVERYTHING. Which is the point of game series like Bioshock or Shadow of the Colossus.

Transporter472508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Underground as if it was in a Bunker near the earth's core, i'm calling it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2508d ago

I hope they do a completely new world again.
This time concentrating on the gameplay as much as the story.
Like the original two games.