10 Best Video Game Swords

Why are swords are so popular? It could be that they’re functional, or customizable, or that they just look freaking cool. To help answer this eternal question, Arcade Sushi hit the books to examine the best that video game weaponry has to offer, and came up with a list of the 10 Best Video Game Swords.

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Mr_Nuts2499d ago

Why is that Buster Sword from FF7 always gets noted in top ? sites like this but yet the Gunblade from FF8 which is far better never gets mentioned. I mean I'm saying that but usually when you have a Top ? site with something FF related in it's usually FF7

-Mika-2499d ago

I agree. The gunblade from ff8 and 13 are really cool. It should be number 1.

StockpileTom2499d ago

Too many have fallen to the blade of the stunlockiest of them all...