GTA 5: "Outstanding Realism" in Environment and Wildlife Explained

GR - "The game is said to look as good as it does in the trailers, with full depth-of-field and other cinematic effects."

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Iceman_Nightmare2497d ago

Oh MY GOD, can't wait for September 17th to come already.I've been playing GTA SANANDREAS to wait for this, this is just amazing and makes my days go by slower. More hyped I get, the longer it takes for this game to come out. What kinda pisses me off, is that the game comes out right around when school starts again... : (

Pintheshadows2497d ago

I've been playing San Andreas and 4 again. I like 4 more 5 years or so on. I think as i've matured i've grown to appreciate its darker tone a lot more and the driving is no where near as bad as people make it out to be.

andjudunno2497d ago

I know exactly what you mean, I also feel like I've matured more in games and pay attention to more of the tones and settings and story...

ShabbaRanks2497d ago

Ya who wants to drive trains, go karts, jets, amphibious vehicles, tanks, RC cars and planes. Go in NASCAR races, rob a casino, participate in turf wars, fully customise you’re characters appearance with tattoos haircuts, clothing and even by being able to work out and increase you’re muscle and stamina, having skills like: weapon levels for increased accuracy with specific weapons, driving skill, plane skill (witch even involved being able to participate in driving & plane license) . To also be able to play in 3 gigantic cities based of Los Angles (Los Santos) San Francisco (San Fierro) and Las Vegas (Las Venturas)

Ya GTA4 was so much better. God dam driving sedans in Liberty City with all those repetitive missions was soooo cool.

Pintheshadows2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Well done Shabbaranks for taking my comment completely out of context in your poorly constructed rant which shows just a vague grasp of sarcasm.

Where exactly did I say that I didn't want those things in a GTA game. The answer. I didn't. I've been enjoying San Andreas as well, but i'm mature enough with an IQ in excess of 6 to appreciate how excellent GTA4 is as well.

I'm so sick of ill informed idiots claiming that GTA4 is somehow the worst thing ever. GTA games are all about making your own fun. I like throwing burgers at the police and then running away. If you struggled to enjoy 4 I think that is more your issue than the game itself.

BullyMangler2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

i feel like mostly teen kids get excited for some of the missions in these types of games .like the drugs the gangs, car thefts, POLICE confrontations, bank robberies, street hookers,

the guns, the strip clubs < the casual looking art style of GTA. except the skydiving air gameplay is very neat addition, and deep sea diving <

but if i want to go to a strip cLub i go in person not in no game

I do want to get a dirt-bike though and take it to the GTA V off road terrain yesS!

ZodTheRipper2496d ago

Guys, each to their own but are you seriously saying GTA4 was a better game than San Andreas? Only thinking about Roman asking to go bowling or Michelle asking for a date makes me cringe. Yes, the mature theme has something special that San Andreas didn't have, but gameplay and variety-wise San Andreas was on an entirely different level. There were so many things missing in GTA4 that it was hard not to think about SA's possibilities while driving around New York and doing boring side missions. Even the story was more intriguing. I still remember some missions or dialogues from CJ, Woozie or Tenpenny while I can't remember much more than Brucie from GTA4 and I haven't played GTA:SA for much longer now.

Pintheshadows2496d ago

Where is this assumption that i'm saying that 4 is better than San Andreas coming from. Where exactly did I say that. In fact, no one here has said it. That is not what this discussion was about in anyway. We were just talking about playing the previous titles and how good they are. Gee Whiz.

MajorLazer2496d ago

Gta IV was a gem in its own right. A new direction. Gta SA was a better game but that doesn't mean Gta IV has to 'suck'. Quite the opposite, it breathed a new lease of life into Gta and Gta V looks to continue that trend with multiple protagonists and returning nearly all the features that made SA great :D

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Prcko2497d ago

The overall game looked better than anything he'd seen in Red Dead Redemption, with more realistic wildlife and environments that were on par with something you might see in a nature documentary.

rdr was really great looking,so this gonna look even better,omg day 1!!!!

vishmarx2497d ago

i was wondering ow they would pull off wildlife being ya know gta devs....then it hit me....
rdr lol.

BattleTorn2496d ago

Really? Red Dead Redemption being made by R* - just slipped your mind?

It's drenched in R*ness!! Com'on!


Crazyglues2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I tried to tell people that RockStar does not use render scenes to show their games...

if it looks like that in the trailer it's going to look like that in the game.. (-but it's nice to have conformation of this for those who didn't think it would look that good)

RDR was amazing, that game looked so good... and to say this looks even better.. OMG! -I can't wait for this One..

-DAY ONE- And it can't get here soon enough

||.........___||............ ||

CaptainFaisal2497d ago

Rockstar should release the game in June, giving them 6 months to port the game to PS4, And X1. Which is enough! And i bet the game is finished! So release it in june then patch the game weekly or monthly! I bet you all agree! I wouldnt want to play the game once school starts again!I bet you all agree! Spread the word on twitter! ( #GTAVJUNE)

koh2496d ago

Yeah... They should definitely rush a game out the door early because some guy on the Internet bets that the game is finished. Just be patient.

mrxbox2497d ago

Let's just hope GTA V does what we expect it too. And it better, it was supposed to come out last year and they screwed up

DarkBlood2497d ago

Can't wait to play this, i nailed the collectors edition down for preorder pricey but i dont do it often so its ok

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