The Next DRM coming to Vita

No, not that DRM.

By Wesley Yin-Poole

The Next DRM will launch on the PlayStation Vita.

No, not Digital Rights Management. Death Ray Manta, a "googly-eyed Elasmobranchii that shoots lasers, kills things, and would never dream of restricting your access", as described by Rich Stanton in his 8/10 review of the PC, Mac and iOS original for Eurogamer.

In short, DRM is a twin stick arcade shooter.

"We've both agreed to make DRM again," designer Robert Fearon wrote on his website. "And we want to make it the best, most expansive DRM that we can make. There'd be no point doing it otherwise.


Too late. I always seem to put the wrong source with credit & main source. Thanx for the heads up though. I will need to work on that.

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sherimae24133473d ago

oh, nice ^_^
keep the games flow to my vita ^_^

ltachiUchiha3473d ago

Lol drm almost had u biting your nails haha. Yeah its great to see sony getting alot of support. It will only get better. =]

ltachiUchiha3472d ago

Lol yeah its a catch title for a catchy subject that is really a game lol.

E2S3473d ago

forgive my ignorance, but what does DRM stand for? the one everyone's talking about.

Dan503473d ago

Digital Rights Management

BraidedWALLACE3473d ago

Down Right Moronic jk.. Probably Digital Right Management

3473d ago