PlayStation’s Outpouring of Love on Twitter Makes Me More Skeptical Than Ever

Joel Taveras writes, "In my life outside of games writing I am the epitome of an optimist. Always seeing the good instead of the bad. Believing that there are companies out there that have my best interests at heart. Inside of games writing, well… let’s just say that I believe that everyone is out there to get us, and by us I mean consumers."

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2507d ago Replies(5)
DFenestrator2507d ago

This is something that I felt in the back of my mind, but refused to accept consciously. It seems very plausible, in fact likely, that you're right :(

FlyGuyHung2507d ago

Funny that this article isnt getting much attention (for the time being).

isarai2507d ago

He's got a point, but i think it would cause a lot more damage than good to be this sincere then go ahead and do it anyways like this never happened.

dcbronco2507d ago

I have to give it to the Playstation websites today. They still take their little shots at Microsoft, but overall they are giving a unbiased view of the situation. It's unfortunate that they might have come to late to stop the momentum of the uninformed. But since it's all directed toward MS I guess they don't really care. Sony didn't file their patent under pressure from Microsoft. They filed it under pressure from developers and publishers. Both companies are under the same pressure.