The Console War: Wii U is The Underdog

With all the recent news regarding the PS4 and Xbox One, have we forgotten about the Wii U? The newest Nintendo console is certainly the underdog but should it be off our radar?

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-Mika-2503d ago

If you honestly think the WiiU will suddenly get a bunch of third party support and the system will magically start selling 200k plus a month. You're CRAZY. Im sorry but the XBOX one and the PS4 is the only systems going at it in the console war. The WiiU died before the war even started.

mudmax2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Wii will see about that now won't we. Your crazy if you think xboxdone and ps4 are gonna sell any better at launch. Didn't happen last time and wii was doomed then too remember. I think it WILL start selling 200k a month here soon. No, I'm sorry but your a troll Mika.

ChickeyCantor2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


"Im sorry but the XBOX one and the PS4 is the only systems going at it in the console war."

Relevance ?
Let's say for the argument it's not participating in this so called war. How will that stop people from buying it?

Nintendo: "No war for us"
Consumer: "Jesus F'n christ, I hate Nintendo"
Nintendo: "Ok, time to file for bankruptcy"
Logic: "wait what?"

"The WiiU died before the war even started."

( There is no war, only delusional fanboys )

Wii sold fine, the "war" between PS3/360 didn't really make Nintendo go away.

SonyPS42503d ago

Sorry but I much rather have a last gen console than a "next-gen" console full of DRM and anti-used game tactics. At least I can play Mario and Zelda, two of my all time favorite franchises without worrying about DRM. If Sony also follows through, then no PS4 for me either, and going to PC gaming for my next gen experience.

TheSkullkid2503d ago

Wii U doesn't need to compete in the console war because it has already taken its rightful place as king of next generation. Let the peasants that are MS and PHony battle it to the death and hopefully kill each other off, leaving only Nintendo, the true ruler of gaming to take over this industry like it always should've been.

Utalkin2me2503d ago

Wow, kind of close minded there are we. Competition is good for everybody. The consumer reaps the benefits.

Buff10442503d ago

This isn't a Wii U problem. It's a console problem. Don't expect crazy numbers for PS4 or Xbox One after the initial launches. You guys refuse to see the writing on the wall.

L6RD7BLU32503d ago

Why do you troll so much?

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PigPen2503d ago

Sony can't compete with Nintendo and Microsoft in the exclusive race. I think Microsoft and Nintendo will battle with exclusive and leave Sony behind. Sony will come in third this gen or go the way of Sega. The Xbox will be more popular then it seems at the moment do to its 1 billion dollar, 15 exclusives it has coming to Xbox One. I think it will be Nintendo that wins out this gen. Nintendo for the first time will have the casual and hardcore market. They will keep spending on partnerships and exclusives and have the money to do so. Nintendo will outsell everything when its 1st party games release like Monolith Soft X, Smash Bros and Zelda. Microsoft won't win over Japan, and the DRM will hurt them in America. Sony will get the 3rd party support but its the exclusives that's going to win out in the long run.

mudmax2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

12 Wii U exclusives out now: NSMBU, ZombieU, Lego City, Rayman Challenge, Nintendoland, MH3 ultimate, Scribblenauts, Tank Tank Tank, Sing Party, Rabbidsland, Funky Barn and Game Party Champions. May be more but those are definite. Many more to come this year alone.

hellvaguy2503d ago

All kids games you listed there....just sayin.

It's no wonder why the wii and now the wiiu lags far behind in games sales than ps/ms except for Marios and Zelda (which im not taking anything away from those because they are fun).

Neonridr2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

lol @ ZombiU & MH3 being kids games. While I wouldn't put much stock in that list mudmax gave since half of those games are shovelware crap. Lego City may appear to be a kids game in nature, but all the movie and pop culture references in the game are things that no kid would comprehend or understand. Not to mention it's an awesome game.

deafdani2503d ago

Sony can't compete with Nintendo and Microsoft in exclusives?

Are you batshit insane? On this console generation it was SONY who put out the most exclusive games for its system, surpassing even Nintendo, and that's saying something.

No, it's Microsoft who has to prove themselves in the exclusives area. So far, Sony and Nintendo have done a damn good job at it, now it's Microsoft's turn to make something besides Halo, Forza and Gears.

McScroggz2503d ago

I accidentally "Disagreed" with you so I gave you a bubble.

PigPen2503d ago

Sony sold buildings and has a junk status rating. They don't have the money to go head to head with Microsoft and Nintendo with exclusives.

deafdani2503d ago

@PigPen: yes, the whole Sony corporation is in pretty bad financial shape. However, their gaming division happens to be the most healthy part of their entire business, and this is why I don't see them giving up on this area.

On this generation of consoles, they have already introduced several new IPs to the gaming public. With the PS4, if need be, they can stop making so many new IPs and focus on their already existing ones, which has grown to a really respectable size, especially thanks to the PS3.

So, yeah, again: Microsoft is the one that needs to prove themselves in terms of exclusive IPs out of the big three.

McScroggz2503d ago

In my opinion, Sony has the best exclusives this console generation, but that's up for debate I guess. However, just because Microsoft throws money at its developers doesn't mean they are going to magically produce awesome exclusive games, especially if they were making Kinect games and the like. The idea that money, not talent, is the reason you believe the Xbox One will have better exclusives than the PS4 is just sad and ironic.

And I have an extremely hard time believing Nintendo will have the hardcore market. That's just not what they do anymore. I thought it might change with the Wii U, but between paltry third party support/relationships going forward and Nintendo's reticence to allow more than a couple "mature" games here and there prevents Nintendo from being able to capture the hardcore audience by default.

As far as exclusives, I'm just not sold on the idea that they will prohibitively increase Nintendo Wii U sales despite less third party support and a much weaker console. Before the Wii, which sold because of a novel but gimmicky way to play games, every Nintendo home console had declining sales since the NES. Every single one. So, in my opinion, Nintendo has proven that JUST Nintendo games, even if they are incredible, will not sell a ton of consoles.

Neonridr2503d ago

While I agree the Wii U may be the underdog when it comes to appeal because of the apparent gap in the hardware specs, the games will speak for themselves.

SonyPS42503d ago

Pretty much. I don't care how powerful a console is, if the games don't deliver I consider it a paperweight and a waste. It's better having a weak console with a nice selection of games vs. a hardware beast with nothing but Call of Duty, Battlefield and clones of both franchises.

Kurt Russell2503d ago

I'm starting to think about picking up a Wii U now. I know I'll be getting a games console, which is all I want. I'm hedging my bets on PS4 not screwing up in MS fashion as well.

Jek_Porkins2503d ago

It's the underdog, but so was the original Wii, and while it's obvious the Wii U wont have the same lever of success as the Wii, it can still be a big seller. The console itself is really nice, the problem right now is the lack of games. Nintendo seemed unprepared for launch, they should have included the Pro Controller with every console so that "core" gamer's would be more eager to buy one.

Hopefully it'll get a price cut soon, and some software, I can see it turning around just like the 3DS did.

Apollo12503d ago

The more first party games, the more Wii U consoles bought.

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