The Wii U's Innovation is Being Wasted By the Gaming Industry

The video game development industry is known for a lot of things, but innovation and creativity simply aren't among them. A new console has presented an easy opportunity for innovation, like its predecessor, but the opportunity is being wasted like never before. The Wii U, for third parties at least, apparently is going to be thrown aside when it should present an opportunity to add new and innovative features to games.

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PigPen2500d ago

It's to early, someone will come up with something cool to use the gamepad. It looking like Ubisoft might be the Second. Nintendo will come up with something amazing.

mtorino2500d ago

I just feel like people should have seen this from the beginning. Even Nintendo on NSMBU only gave the same thing on the little screen

deafdani2500d ago

Nintendoland and Zombi U were launch titles that completely took advantage of the gamepad features.

SirBradders2500d ago

I'm already slightly considering one for monster hunter, but then again it may come to next gen so i'm holding out for a bit but if a skies of arcadia 2 got announced i'd whip one up without second thought.

I dont believe in power even though im building a powerhouse pc but if the wii u offered some kl experiences then yea id get one.

1upgamer992500d ago

Agree with some of this, but Sega has a great deal with Nintendo 3 exclusives, Ubisoft is fully supporting Nintendo and they have hinted at Zombi U 2. We have the Eternal Darkness successor in the works for Wii U and PC. No question there are some great 3rd party exclusives coming to Wii U, and FINALLY some AAA 1st party games coming this year. It is going to be a good 3 and 4th quarter for Wii U owners.

mtorino2500d ago

I didn't even think about Sega, hopefully there's nothing like Sonic 06 coming to Wii u :P But yeah Ubisoft's the shining light and hopefully they won't back off if there's no payoff soon

mii-gamer2500d ago

The gamepad has hidden potential. Unfortunately we have not seen it yet. I expect when the heavy hitters come out (i.e mario, zelda, metroid, etc), then we will see nintendo's vision for the wii U

mtorino2500d ago

hopefully Nintendo changes the Zelda formula like they said they would. Then the sky's the limit

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The story is too old to be commented.