PSP load times analyzed

Long load times have been a concern for PSP owners ever since the system was released. But just how bad are those load times exactly? Gamespot decided to find out, measuring the time from system start-up to actual gameplay in more than 80 PSP games.

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Trickedbullet5887d ago

I own a psp and rather enjoy it. All the complaints about battery life and portability are kinda lame. I dont play the thing while waiting in line as that is both dangerous and distracting. I play it like in the car or otherwise away from my computer and XB360 and Xbox. My only complaints are the high prices for the system and games and accessories and the screen is fragile. But hey, an LCD monitor for your pc is fragile too and somehow something cracked mine (monitor). The Ds means nothing to me. I own a GBA so I can play Doom on the go. Otherwise I take my PSP. Personaly I love Microsoft crap, not sony, but Microsoft doesnt have a handheld out yet. OH well...

I personaly want Nintendo to continue to make kiddy games and I want Sony to fail only because I love the PC and Microsoft OWNS! How do you think console games are made hmmmm? ON THE PC!!!!!!!!!...AS well as dev kits, but the pc too!