Xbox One to host Sky and Canal+ TV content in Europe

Microsoft has already signed deals with Sky and Canal+ to bring European TV content to Xbox One.
“We have partnerships with Sky, with Canal+ in France, and we’ll continue to grow our international expansion,” he told us. “We’ll put a worldwide face on the platform because Europe, in particular, is especially important to us this generation.”

“We want the world to watch television through this box,” he added.

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Prcko2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

We want the world to watch television through this box,” he added
hmm,if i wanna watch tv i have tv.

IcyEyes2497d ago

“We want the world to watch television through this box”

Those people are crazy.

Godmars2902497d ago

“We want the world to needlessly pay extra to watch television through this box”


Anarki2497d ago

If it shows ALL sky channels for free, it might be a worthy investment. Other wise, no chance for me I'm afraid.

Tultras2497d ago

It will be for free, but to watch it you'll have to register for Xbox Live, which isn't free.

Testfire2497d ago

I hope the Xbone has a lower failure rate than the 360. They better have designed it to be bulletproof if they intend for people to use it for tv, movies and games.

brave27heart2497d ago

Sky wont be free, you'll still need a Sky set top box and subscription. The X1 just sits between your set top and tv. And you'll need Gold live account too presumably.

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hellvaguy2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I haven't watched pure tv in years now. Mostly I watch Netflix, Blu-ray movies (red box ftw), play games, or go to my pc for the interwebs.

CapsLocke2497d ago

I don't get why all disagrees. Does people really want to buy the whole console to watch TV??

Tultras2497d ago

Yes, because TV's are so mainstream.

DeadlyFire2497d ago

Aren't TV sales kinda rocky. Doesn't sound so mainstream to me.

amiga-man2497d ago

So M$ have a deal with SKY,

Umm I also have a deal with SKY and it works perfectly without you M$.

mcstorm2497d ago

Wow the Amiga logo not seen that for years. I still have an Amiga 32. I also see what your saying but if you can plug your box into the Xbox one and switch between tv and games without anything in the middle this is just a nice thing to have. I have sky tv and often switch and control it will my WiiU pad when I have been on the WiiU but to be able to do this without controls and messing about with tv settings its a +.

I don't think its a big selling point but nice to have more options than not.

amiga-man2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

mcstorm nice to see someone else remembering the Amiga, great memories, but I have a switcher box that allows me to switch quite easily between my PS3 and sky, and I don't need to pay an online subscription or any of the other things M$ will charge me for.

Nice to meet another amiga-man though, but as far as switching between tv and console, i'll take the option that won't charge me thanks.

mcstorm2497d ago

Lol yep I will never forget the Amiga brand it has given us some of the best games we have ever seen and a shame the Amiga 32 never had chance to be released world wide as I think it would of sold very well.

As for the new Xbox I know what your saying and its not going to be for everyone but I like the idea of what it can do plus I've turned very Microsoft at home having a Lumia 920, surface RT and a server 2012 for media. So for me its the better option but I can see why people like Sonya option to.

Kurt Russell2497d ago

Pay Xbox live fee
Pay TV license Fee
Pay Sky TV subscription fee
Pay for sports channels
Pay for Netflix

I think I'll give it all a miss thanks, and spend my money on gaming :)

redcar1212497d ago

omg if you have sky already when you sign in you will get all your channels same as the 360 no extra charge ....ps4 fanboys are so dumb the more hate you give xbox one the more it will sell mark my words kids and non hardcore gamers dont give f7ck about drm trust me

ZeroX98762497d ago

well for you, paying Xbox live doesn't seem to be extra charge....
not 100% sure you need xbox live for it, but you needed it for netflix back when I had xbox live, so I'm assuming it's still a requirement.

Animal Mutha 762497d ago

Amiga Forever!

You wont have to have a SKY box to watch sky. They have a streaming service as well now.

I use SKY GO to watch the footy.

CD32+SX1 expansion 8mb Fast ram
A500+ cartoon classics mint boxed ;-)

redcar1212497d ago

thank you some with a brain good man

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IcyEyes2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


Wizziokid2497d ago

makes sense since they already have the sky deal on the 360?

I'm on Virgin either way so this means nothing to me.

amiga-man2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I'm on SKY and it means nothing to me either lol.

from the beach2497d ago

"Europe, in particular, is especially important to us this generation."

2497d ago
Animal Mutha 762497d ago

Europe should be important next gen as MS would like to take some of the market share from Sony. XB was market leader in UK but Sony has mainland EU.

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