Crispy Gamer: Frontlines: Fuel of War PC Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "You're only getting this review from me because Mr. William Abner, one of our own Crispy reviewers, couldn't get the game to run on his computer. I can't thank Bill enough for upgrading to Windows Vista before me, because I've never been happier to take over for someone in a pinch than I've been while playing Frontlines: Fuel of War on a Windows XP machine with 2 GB of RAM and an 8800GT.

It's a shame that failures to install and server problems factor into a review of the game at all, because when Frontlines comes together, there's no better combined arms game of playing soldier available today."

What's Hot: Drones; Single-player campaign; Tactical options; Sounds of war

What's Not: Bugs; Quick deaths online; Lack of voice chat

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