Edge- Grid 2 Review

Edge:Codemasters had a hard act to follow in Grid, but with this sequel it’s delivered a dazzling package that can proudly take its place among the best racing games of this generation. It not only smooths off nearly all of the awkward edges that have plagued the studio’s ongoing attempts to cohere its racing games with driver-focused storylines, but it does so with enough pomp and spectacle to send current-generation hardware off with a memorable bang.

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Why o why2499d ago

Am I surprised edge have given their mates, codemasters, another high score. . . NOPE

negative2499d ago

lame. everyone is giving it a high score.

fail troll is fail

Why o why2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Fail. You say. If you'd been around long enough you'd know edges scores are normally below the average. With games their mates make the scores are on or above the average line. Check out their previous scores for previous codemasters games. Then call say I'm trolling with a straight face.

Im from the UK. Used to subscribe to edge before the Internet lol. They're very pc centric but normally look out for devs from the UK no matter the platform. Next time ask before you bite

solidjun52498d ago

You obviously fail at understanding Edge's trend in awarding high scores to their countrymen.

Knushwood Butt2498d ago

9? Really Edge? Oh, wait, it's Codemasters, I get it..